Fraser Anning calls Broken Down Shitholes “Broken Down Shitholes”


Senator Fraser Anning has released a 43 second video in which he clearly articulates the central issue facing European countries today:

Whites are becoming minorities in our own countries, and without us, the countries that we built will break down and become like the rest of the world, ie, broken down shitholes.

The video has over 36,000 views, with over a thousand likes and shares.

And yes, he said “broken down shitholes”.  Naturally, the globalists at Facebook couldn’t allow the truth to remain on their platform, but it is still available, for now, on YouTube:

Here is the transcript:

What is happening now is that whites are becoming a minority in their own countries, and we’re finding that a lot of people are apologising for being white. But it was the whites who built these nations, and that’s why some of these people are wanting to come to these countries because we have what they don’t have.

“They still have their broken down shitholes that they come from, we don’t need to turn our countries into those same broken down shitholes that they came from. So we’ve got to protect our society the way it is, otherwise it will become just one of them – I don’t think most Australians want that.”

Too bloody right we don’t want that. We never wanted that. We were never asked if we wanted to open our borders to mass immigration from every country on the planet. No European people in any European country were ever asked that.  It is precisely why Fraser Anning said that the final solution to the problem of mass immigration would be to have a popular vote, to see if anybody in European countries actually wants mass immigration.

We were told that getting married, having children and raising healthy families was oppressive, we were to have fewer children to minimise our environmental effect on the planet, but then we were told that because we were having fewer children we needed mass immigration to keep our economy from collapsing.

It doesn’t make sense. It never made sense.

All that make sense is that the globalists want nearly every country in the world to become a nation of immigrants.