Vox and the lying press on South Africa

Vox is fake news cancer.

Candace D. Phit.

Let’s peruse Vox’s latest propaganda piece. Please take note of how they lay the occassional grain of truth and then do the big conclusive lie, which relies on your pro-social temptation to accept polite arguments for insanity:

“Trump is referring to a virulent, racist conspiracy theory that has been a pet cause of hardcore white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the alt-right for several years. More recently, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, one of the president’s favorite conservative cable news pundits, has taken up the cause.

The conspiracy theory is based on the very real — and very controversial — issue of post-apartheid land reform in South Africa. But the white nationalists who propagate it have taken what is a genuinely thorny issue and magnified it beyond all objective fact, twisting it into what they see as a nightmare cautionary tale of “white genocide.”…..

In 2016, the country’s parliament passed a bill allowing for “the expropriation of property for a public purpose or in the public interest, subject to just and equitable compensation.” In other words, the government could legally force white landowners to give up their land in return for a fair price. The land would then be redistributed to black South Africans.

But that process, too, has been slow — and people are getting tired of waiting. Support for a small, far-left political party that advocates for nationalizing all land in South Africa has been growing.

So now, with elections looming next year, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party has decided to take more drastic action: amending the constitution to make it legal for the government to seize land without providing compensation.

That move is being welcomed by many in the country, but not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea. Some, including investors, worry that it could trigger a catastrophic economic crisis like the one that occurred in neighboring Zimbabwe when it enacted similar reforms in 2000. There, rapid land seizures panicked investors, causing them to flee the market in droves. That led to massive hyperinflation and food shortages that effectively collapsed the country’s economy: Experts put the cost to Zimbabwe’s economy at around $20 billion.”

Okay all accurate so far…

“But the conspiracy theory quickly moved from the darker corners of the internet into the slightly-more-mainstream-but-still-pretty-seedy corners of the internet: As Wilson notes, Ann Coulter tweeted in June 2017 that the “only real refugees” are “White South African farmers facing genocide.”

Breitbart has covered it extensively, as has the Russian government propaganda outlet RT. And, of course, so has Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

Perhaps it was inevitable, then, that it would make its way to Trump sooner or later.

Except that Trump didn’t just see a segment on Tucker Carlson’s show and quietly call up one of his top foreign policy advisers or a senior intelligence official to ask what the deal was.

That would be understandable — after all, it’s unrealistic to expect any president, let alone a former reality TV show host and real estate mogul, to know everything there is to know about what’s going on in every country.

That’s why presidents have an entire intelligence agency that is solely dedicated to providing them with the absolute best intelligence possible on every foreign policy issue that could ever come up.”

Pure clown world, Leftists advocating for trusting the CIA. Last time we trusted an intelligence agency with a political question we ended up in Iraq wasting our blood and treasure to achieve nothing.

We have always been at war with Eurasia, I mean the Middle East.

“Instead, Trump immediately ordered his secretary of state — America’s top diplomat, who is responsible for carrying out US foreign policy around the globe and for running a massive government bureaucracy — to investigate the matter. And then he tweeted it out.

It’s hard to overstate how unprecedented that is: The president of the United States just directed the secretary of state to look into a racist conspiracy theory he saw on Fox News — a conspiracy theory that is a major talking point for white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

Whether or not it’s actually true is irrelevant.”

The truth may be irrelevant to their agenda, we at XYZ are not similarly inclined. I cannot stress enough that Leftists do not want the truth, they want the comfortable lie. The lie that lets them signal, the lie that doesn’t make their brain hurt or their heart fear.

They want the lie so badly that they hate even the slightest ounce of truth.

At every opportunity critique the lying press to your acquaintances.

The media is nothing but the propaganda arm of the powers that be in this world, and we are living in a sick demented leftist world. Does it surprise you that the media advocates for sick demented leftist views?

Telling the truth is not commercially viable in the age of mass media and silicon valley convergence. But if we don’t figure out a way to get the truth out, our civilisation isn’t viable.