Livestream Interview With Fraser Anning


On Friday we spoke with Fraser Anning of the Katter’s Australian Party, who triggered the left on August 14 when in his maiden speech to parliament he called for an end to Muslim immigration and a popular vote on reducing immigration. The far left media and political establishment in this country ignored the content of Anning’s speech and focused on the use of two words – “final solution” – in order to characterise his views as those of an extremist, rather than a reflection of the views of regular Australians.

As we had ten minutes of the Senator’s time, we sought to remedy this.

We asked him about the following subjects:

  • His motivation, if any, for using the term “final solution”?
  • Would he demand an apology from media outlets who used the spectre of the holocaust in an attempt to discredit him?
  • Do we need a final solution to media lies in Australia?
  • Does he see a link between conservative activism over the last few years and the rolling of Malcolm Turnbull?

And to top it off:

  • Should gun rights extend to tank ownership?

As we had a few internet glitches the video has been slightly edited, but the converstaion flowed well and Senator Anning made some excellent points.

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