This week I’m coining a new word. It comes after months of struggling to define the inner workings of the progressive mind; what causes them to be so self-destructively altruistic in their judgement, decisions and opinions. When I consider the malevolence expressed by the mal-adjusted mal-contents within the progressive community, the only logical word I can think of is maltruism.

[/maltru:iZ(Ə)m/] the pathological concern for, and belief in, progressive liberal values, especially when to one’s own detriment; the moral superiority of white liberals selflessly imposing the bigotry of low expectations onto minority groups; empathy soaked in white-guilt, used in bad faith by white liberals desperate to avoid criticising a minority.

Maltruism is present in almost every aspect of our lives these days.

It’s in New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern’s claim this past week that Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux’s views are not welcome in her country, despite 70% of the population disagreeing.

It’s present in the UK establishment’s appalling treatment of Tommy Robinson during his time in prison, all while the state broadcaster BBC and leftist media twist themselves into knots trying to defend their earlier reporting on how the law was fairly applied in the case. This in the same week that it emerged UK authorities have been hiding the rescue of Manchester arena bomber, Salman Abedi, from Libya in 2014 by the Royal Navy – its been over 2 years and only now this leaked out.

Maltruism is what causes the cover up forced child marriage in the UK, with 3,800 reports of victims at risk in the past 3 years, some as young as 4. Of course, thanks to the linked Times investigation, we now know that fewer than 80 (~2%) of the suspects have been charged at this time.

This is the same country in which Female Genital Mutilation cases have reached epidemic proportions, thanks to complicit police and health services. The progressive leadership of these government entities are too thick to understand that not all cultures are equal, and arrogant enough that they would never admit it even if painfully obvious to all. A recent Reuters report indicates that a new case of FGM is reported in the UK every two hours. What about the ones not reported?

FGM proponent, Labour MP Dawn Butler. From Twitter.

Maltruism leads to the forced resignation from UK Labour’s Shadow Cabinet of a highly regarded white female MP, Sarah Champion, for speaking up against Muslim grooming gangs in her constituency of Rotherham. Naturally her replacement, Dawn Butler, is a wonderfully diverse appointment, more concerned with wonderful diversity and supporting the wonderful community within which the grooming gangs operated.

Maltruism is this pathetic effort on the part of ABC’s The Drum this week, courtesy of a Professor Marcia Langton, blaming the atrocious history of spousal and child abuse amongst aboriginal men on something she calls “the adoption of white Australian attitudes towards Aboriginal women”.

As one of the comments notes – the ABC will do anything and air anything to avoid Aboriginals having to take responsibility for the toxic elements in their own culture.

How about the ABC say “Sorry” for treating Aboriginals like children?

Maltruism also leads to bodies such as Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal pissing away taxpayers’ money defending foreign criminals from deportation, with every fake gay Christian Iraqi avoiding the shove because of activist lawyers whose desperate wish is for refugees to be welcome here, even the ones convicted of multiple violent offences. Especially the ones convicted of multiple violent offences.

Maltruism infects liberal Americans too, obliging them to scream ‘racism’ when their President dares to suggest that Voter ID should be required at the polling booth; the Guardian goes so far as to declare it racial injustice, the ‘planned’ suppression of black voters with ‘devastating consequences’. Many black Americans are justifiably pissed off at the notion that their communities are held in such low esteem, that if Democrats and their media cohort are to be believed, vast numbers of black Americans are apparently too useless to get themselves down to the local Department of Motor vehicles to apply for a driver’s license.

Even Vox reported the ID Laws outrage in the US as not standing up to scrutiny, and that’s saying something.

Lastly, we have the ridiculous case of the New York Times this week hiring a tech writer, one Sarah Jeong, to its editorial board, following which hundreds of virulently racist, anti-white tweets from her Twitter account surfaced online.

Sarah Jeong hates white people.

Naturally the NYT stood by their decision, ignoring Jeong’s cheering for the murder of police and the like, essentially rubbishing the notion that it’s even possible to be racist to white people. But it has been the reaction by outraged progressives, academics and the like to the very idea that white people could be offended that evidences so clearly how far down this path we have come.

All of the above are disparate events, but they paint the picture of an ongoing and escalating issue – the marriage of suicidal liberal altruism with the bigotry of low expectations towards minorities, thus manipulating gullible progressive idiots into accepting the narrative that all cultures are equal. It helps that Liberals are so cripplingly insecure about their position in the world that, thanks to years of conditioning by the media, they live only to virtue signal their tolerance. Hence their hypocrisy – they simply cannot perceive of holding non-white people to the standards they should apply to all in the West, for to do so would rob them of the preening pomposity they feel playing the generous benefactor to their latest cause.

And that’s a truism if ever there was one.

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