XYZ Live #28: Interview with Blair Cottrell


Last night, The XYZ was fortunate enough to secure the first on-air interview with Blair Cottrell since he sent the Australian left into meltdown after appearing on Sky News on Sunday, August 5. He had postponed last week – timing is a beautiful thing.

If you want to view the verboten Sky News interview, you can still watch it on Blair’s Twitter. As for The XYZ, David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life took the opportunity to ask Blair some of the questions he was asked on Sky News the night before, plus a few of their own.

We discussed the failure of multiculturalism, and the fact that the word “diversity” comes from the word “division” – how can strength come from something that is literally divisive? Blair covered how he discusses multiculturalism with people, and explained that given it takes a long time for people to become comfortable with the idea of multiculturalism, it is going to take a similar length of time to change their minds against it, thus patience is the key.

We spent some time on why the left and the mainstream media are so determined to deny Cottrell access to a mass audience – he has a way of communicating which gets people to question and challenge the multicultural, Cultural Marxist system.

Blair was given the chance to explain the full circumstances of his confrontation with a bizarrely dressed street performer at Federation Square – it appears he actually showed considerable reatraint but seemed to trigger in the performer an intense psychological reaction.

On the topic of Tommy Robinson’s release from prison in Great Britain, Blair related to his own time in incarceration and pointed out that like the UK, Australia has a disproportionate number of muslims in the prison system.  These muslims systematically bully non-muslim inmates and are given preferential treatment. This was one of the things which made Blair aware of the danger of Islam. Blair also pointed out that like Great Britain, gag orders prohibit the reporting of trials in Victorian courts regarding muslim crime families, for their involvement in the drug war raging across Melbourne’s north. Machine guns are being used in murders, yet the public remains largely ignorant of the fact.

Overall, we found Blair Cottrell to be an excellent interview subject. He speaks clearly and efficiently, considering his words but delivering them with ease. He challenged us on a couple of subjects, particularly over sport, arguing that the sense of victory one gets from watching one’s team win can drain you of the desire to seek victories for oneself.

We would like to thank Blair Cottrell for his time, look forward to speaking with him again, and if would like to become a regular contributor to The XYZ, he is always welcome to make submissions 😉