10 year old Chess: Trump threatens Iran with nuclear annihilation on Twitter


Last week, the dying globalist media threw a tantrum over the fact that Donald Trump refused to delegitimise his own Presidency, by refusing to play along with the treasonous and soon to be purged intelligence agencies’ fantasy that Vladimir Putin rigged the US Presidential Election to help Trump win.

The God Emperor and master tactician is always thinking ahead. Yesterday, we got to see what he had in mind:

Obviously, the US had to be wary of how much pressure it put on Iran over its nuclear weapons program, in order to avoid clashing with a nuclear-armed Russia. Thus, Trump’s improvement of relations with Russia has freed him up to threaten Iran with nuclear annihilation.

On Twitter.

Using caps.

This isn’t 4D chess. This is 10 year old, non-child-prodigy chess. You see that your opponent’s knight is protecting your opponent’s queen from an attack by your bishop, so you throw an unprotected pawn out into a spot where it can be taken by said knight, hoping to tempt the knight away so your bishop can take your opponent’s Queen.

It is so obvious that even the normies at the Australian get it:

“The verbal sparring is reminiscent of the exchanges Mr Trump had last year with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, before the two leaders held a summit in ­Singapore last month. Mr Trump has made Iran a favourite target since his rapprochement with ­nuclear-armed North Korea.”

Even the lunatic far-right fringe get it.

I do however respect David Hilton’s take on this. Let’s just say I hope I am right.

The Iranian regime will talk tough but they cannot hold out forever. The United States has the better position, better pieces, and has a more aggressive leader than Iran has ever faced. Trump’s warmth toward Putin greatly reduces Iran’s options. Expect a summit in good time.

Donald Trump does have, after all, a bigger red button.

Photo by _Gaspard_