Immigration & The susceptibility to Marxist thought


Samuel Medici

Before a conversation can be had about Australian immigration – or just about any other topic for that matter – there is a serious acknowledgement that needs to be made. That is, that we, in Australia have a problem. A problem that affects how we approach every issue of public policy. We, in Australia have a Marxist problem. A Neo-Marxist problem, a cultural Marxist problem, a Communist problem or a Lefty problem.

However you choose to refer to it, it’s an issue that’s ominous and ever present in our public discourse and it greatly hinders any chance we have of finding solutions to any serious public policy debate. While some may view this problem as being confined to the fact that our ability to have an honest discussion about complex topics is restricted due to the vitriol spewed by the contemporary leftist over statements of fact, I would assert that it’s much deeper, especially as it pertains to an issue like immigration. Presently, political correctness is being savaged in the West a la Brexit and Trump and even though the fight won’t be over until the institutions can be reclaimed, we can at least all agree that that process is well under way.

As it stands however, we have a Marxist problem that no-one seems willing to seriously acknowledge, as this would be to acknowledge that our society is truly sick. For all of our advantages, progress and creature comforts, we’re extremely unwell. Like depression or physical ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis, Marxism affects our society’s most vulnerable, or more specifically the most impressionable, idealistic and naïve. It fosters grievance and encourages its hosts to view success, wealth, status and prowess as destructive phenomena brought about by some kind of injustice against the weak and vulnerable.

Even though said injustice remains invisible, those infected by the Marxist strain know that it must be there for the simple reason of dogmatic belief. As a result, the infected host believes themselves absolved of all responsibility of their group identity’s actions, as any transgression can be reconstructed as legitimate resistance against the white, male, Christian, capitalist patriarchy. The Marxist left has an easy task in spreading their infection as it’s a gleefully easy sell to anyone who is prone to emotional arguments with little concern for substance. Indeed, it plays on humans’ natural instincts to lash out when threatened or exploited by an adversary seemingly more powerful. And this is where the rubber meets the road.

As an indispensable mechanism of survival, Marxism requires a permanently aggrieved underclass from which the Marxist can recruit and exploit. Should the target segment of the underclass ever find their way out of the clutches of the Marxists, they are rendered useless and subsequently become less of a desired target of grievance politics. When the Proletariat of classical Marxism discovered for themselves that free market capitalism would deliver them from poverty with its boundless opportunity to offer social mobility and prosperity, the idea of class warfare diminished rapidly.

Fortunately for the Marxists their intelligentsia had formulated new, innovative, post-modern methods to turn the flawed human condition on itself and enslave a whole new host of masses. Meanwhile a separate strand convinced the world that Western economic prosperity is intrinsically toxic to the natural environment.

The Marxist cares not for which classification of underclass they can claim so long as they’re hysterically upset, are unable to act in a responsible manner, focus their aggression toward non-Marxists and can be called upon for protests and relied upon for votes. Should at any time the interests of said underclass sub genres occasionally ‘intersect’, there is little need to worry as it’ll all make sense once the bourgeoisie are in shackles and Utopia is established. An overwhelming number of the would-be Muslim underclass voted against Same-Sex Marriage, which was of course an affront to the LGBTI segment of the would-be underclass. But so long as the Marxists dominate the media and academia, no serious conflict has to be acknowledged and we can all just pretend that never happened.

Newly arrived migrants to Australia are some of the most impressionable people in our country and can obviously find themselves in a position where they are suddenly bombarded with an overwhelming array of information from a myriad of sources. It can be frustrating and daunting and subsequently it’s difficult to know what to believe. In an environment of uncertainty, humans adopt a heightened sensitivity as an instinct to detect any possible danger. Even in a thoroughly safe nation like Australia, if a newcomer is told that they need to beware of the evil racism that lurks just around every corner, in every facet of Australian life, then their ideological disposition becomes fundamentally grounded on the notion that they’re a persecuted minority, and from there they surrender themselves to the mercy of anyone who says that they’ll protect them from the evil racists. And what of those who claim that racism is the absolute least of their issues in Australia? Well obviously they’re trying to lull us into a false sense of security because they’re clearly racist, overlord scum who are in need of a solid purge.

As Avi Yemeni found on the streets of Melbourne, the hysterical leftists will loudly call for large intakes of refugees, so long as they’re not white South Africans. One woman from his interviews suggested that the intake should be made up of more Burmese Rohingas while another disapproved of Christians coming from Syria. The excuses for not allowing in persecuted white South Africans in favour of more alien cultures, was the predictable tripe one can expect from leftist activists but there’s something that isn’t clearly mentioned in all of the discussion generated from Avi’s findings.

The reason that leftists favour cultures that are most alien and hostile to the West for mass immigration is because they can be easily aggrieved, recruited and mobilised. This is and has been a war for the left for some time now, and they will continuously stoop to innovative new lows in order to tear down the sturdy and righteous foundations of civilization as prescribed to them by their dogmatic, Utopian vision. The mere fact that the West is the most pluralistic, egalitarian, prosperous, safest, freest place to live in human history immediately renders it evil and undeserving of any kind of glorious status.

Another fine example of this is the manner in which the Greens will denounce Christmas on account of its Christian roots and celebrate Ramadan. This is a pathetic – yet effective – attempt to gain support from the Muslim community. Why? Because of the controversy that surrounds them it makes them easy targets for grievance mongering. Any criticism of Islam, no matter how rational and rooted in fact is likened to physical violence, thus used to signal leftist virtue and let the extremists know that they have a trustworthy ally alongside whom they can destroy Western Civilisation. Stirring resentment and making people feel like victims is easy for anyone, and especially for a movement that’s been doing it for generations.

The task, as explained above, is a simple matter of allowing large swathes of the third world into our towns and cities – preferably areas that are economically marginalised – and then convincing them that they’re under attack from an invisible foe that only the Marxists can protect them from because they care. When probed by his father Tywin Lannister if he thought ‘a crown gives you power?’ Tyrion Lannister responded with his signature poignant clarity. The answer of course is ‘No’ and Tyrion went on to assert: “Armies give you power”. The left require only the most rambunctious, un-assimilatable, terror loving misfits that they can possibly find to be recruited as soldiers for their cause. And of course criminals and fanatics of every shade are always willing to answer the call of the most self-destructive element of our society, in order to hasten the demise of those that defend Western values and eventually, the demise of the very leftists who actively pursue its erosion.

The reality of Marxist incitement within our migrant population is a serious issue that a great many of newly arrived migrants are susceptible to. As stated, the reason for this susceptibility stems from the unfamiliar environment that the newly arrived migrants find themselves in and the ability to disguise such a rotten ideology under the egalitarian and humanistic rhetoric. The solution is to be highly selective as to whom we allow into the country and at all costs, the number must be greatly reduced.

There is time prior to the federal election to voice concern over mass immigration and its clearly observable negative effects, including casualization of the workforce, wage stagnation, support for emotionally charged Marxist doctrine, crime and terrorism. Even those of us in the migrant community can see the negative effects and should support a 95% reduction in immigration over the next 10 years.