Viewer Poll: The Danes just banned the burka – should Australia ban it too?

Federation Square, Melbourne.

The Danish parliament passed a law this week banning full Islamic face coverings, following the lead of other European countries such as France, Austria, Belgium and Latvia. The ban appears popular in Great Britain too.

Something tells me this XYZ survey will prove quite popular here:

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Why should the burka be banned? Arguments about whether it is a form of oppression against women, a hindrance to assimilation, or at odds with Australian values are moot. A lot of feminists secretly or not so secretly like the idea of wearing a potato sack to escape the so-called “male gaze”, and a lot of traditionalists would like to see a return to some kind of modesty; the last thing we want is Islam embedded in every segment of our society where it can exert disproportionate influence; and focusing on values misses the point that it is the people these values spring from which need defending.

Muslim women are forced to wear the burka for the same reason dogs piss on trees: To mark territory.

Seeing burkas in your local shopping centre tells you that Muslims live in your area. A lot of burkas means a lot of Muslims live in your neighbourhood. All burkas, and you are in Muslim territory.

Banning the burka is both deeply symbolic and a practical step in retaking territory from Islam. It sends a clear message to Islam and its slaves:

This is not your land, this is Australia, and you must go back.

Photo by tyco9