Poland for the Poles


The good wife has been in a home renovation mood for some time now, eagerly devouring magazines and television shows on the subject. For the most part I find the programs completely banal, even ludicrous. But there is one show that I rate and that is Fixer Upper, a little show with a big heart. Chip and Joanna Gaines are a God-faring married couple from Waco, Texas. They have five beautiful children and another on the way, and they renovate homes for their clients. As renovators they seem more than passable, but it is their devotion to family and moral values that really sets them apart.

But one revealing aspect of the show are the house prices in that part of the world; they’re dirt cheap, with large properties with lots of land going for under 300K.

Which might not be so good for Texans in the long run. Californians who have destroyed their own state are now fleeing in large numbers and most of them have Texas firmly in their sights.

“Census data shows that San Bernardino has indeed changed. From 2000 to 2016, its population surged by 25%. It also became poorer, more diverse, less affordable, and more Democratic.”

So not healthy then. Californians that move to Texas will undoubtedly vote for the very same policies that have caused all the problems that caused them to flee in the first place. If native Texans had any sense then they would amend the legislature to only allow individuals who were born and raised in Texas and with family ties going back multiple generations to run for government positions.

That the white population has halved in a generation in staggering, (the article these stats come from conveniently skirts around this inconvenient truth.) Texans will only be able to keep their way of life if the majority of the population remains Texan. And in some of these areas that doesn’t look like it’s happening.

On my Friday links post I received this comment from regular commenter Paul:

“Lets wish Orban gets a good majority and continues to ignore the Junk at the Europe Union of Globalists. I also hope that white people under 40 will start emigrating to Hungary, Poland and Czech republic to help build and be part the new civilisations.”

I can’t agree with the bolded part at all. Hungary should be for the Hungarians, Poland for the Poles, and The Czech Republic for the Czechs. Likewise, Morocco for the Moroccans, India for the Indians, China for the Chinese, and Australia for the Australians. And when I mean Australians I don’t mean made-up bastardised versions such as “Chinese Australians” or whatnot.

As Hungarians are nothing like the Poles, Californians are very dissimilar to Texans. The entirety of the United States of America is composed of different tribes with roots going back hundreds of years. It worked in the past because the federal government largely stayed out of regional affairs but all that ended in the 1960s.

Whites are not interchangeable in large numbers, like any other population. Far from emigrating en masse and weakening the few European countries that are not making a mess of their demographics, young whites need to fight for what is theirs in their own homelands. Because if you don’t fight then you’ll eventually lose everything, as the South African Boers can attest. Australia has done the right thing and offered sanctuary to the South African farmers being persecuted in their own homeland, an offer that they would be wise to take.

But what hope for their culture? Their children will not be South African. They will be a product of their new environment, and perhaps they too will have an adverse effect on their destination’s culture.

Chip and Joanna Gaine’s children are a product of a safe, nurturing and homogenous environment. It remains to be seen whether their own children will have the benefit of the same sort of upbringing.

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