FAQ 10: Milo Wrap – Why was Milo important?


Last week, Milo Yiannopoulos’ tour of Australia triggered the left wing Australian media, academia and of course, the rabid Antifa and Socialist Alternative scum who are convinced that anyone not to the left of, well, Karl Marx, is a “Nazi”, whatever that means.

David Hilton and David Hiscox discuss why the Milo visit was important in their respective cities:

Hilton was impressed by the complete lack of feral socialists in the Gold Coast, and the high-agency normies who attended the Milo performance. These are the Aussies who are going to form the core of the counter-cultural revolution against the Cultural Marxist elites.

Hiscox was impressed by the fact that there is still hope for Melbourne – we outnumbered the commies 10 to 1. To have so many lone wolf conservatives in the one place was thrilling and refreshing.

Most importantly, The XYZ has been exposing the fact that it is the same hardcore Socialist Alternative members who are leading and organising every march/riot in the country, whether it is about refugees, same-sex marriage, anti-Milo protests, etc. The media’s failure to state that these people are hardcore Marxists helps to give the impression that there are organic movements for “progressive” causes, where in fact it is this small group driving this regressive left agenda.