Diversity of smell



A new study has found there is only one type of diversity in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our star reporter, Mr Islam O’Dacity, with several of his working partners studied the demographics and daily life of these inner city suburbs.

Dirty hippies in Sydney Road, Brunswick.

Although the leftist hipsters who inhabit them are “champions” of diversity, Mr Islam O’Dacity found there is very little diversty of race, no diversity of religion and definately no diversity of thought.  After observing the lives of these virtue signaling socialists for a week in restaurants, grocery stores, on public transport, at post office lines and on the streets, the only diversity observed was smell.

These smells ranged from the release of gases due to eating too many lentil burgers; the moldy stench of unwashed dreadlocks; the sweaty odour from their uncut, hairy armpits; the smell of swamp ass from wearing the same underwear five days straight; the smell of incense in your typical storefront selling synthetic drugs; to the smell of marijuana as you walk past a share house with ten Centrelink bludgers staring at you with a faraway look.

The diversity of smell is well and truly alive in the inner city suburbs of leftist utopia.

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Photo by Gavin Anderson