The XYZ Now Has A Patreon


The XYZ is expanding, and a key aspect to this will be to change the way we raise funds. Due to security concerns and the increasingly evil business practices of Google, we are moving away from Google ads, in order to directly sell banner space on our site to advertisers. If you have a business you think would benefit from advertising on The XYZ, you can contact us at

Today, we have launched the XYZ Patreon, to which you can donate as little or as much as you like here. You can also click on the links on The XYZ homepage and Facebook page. We will not be offering any direct rewards for donations, but the donations will help us provide better quality content, and more of it.

The Vision of The XYZ:

Western society is currently experiencing a high degree of speech suppression. This speech suppression is conducted by the left.

The West is also currently in demographic decline, the final stage of a cultural disintegration which could see our civilisation and our people virtually wiped out. In order to preserve a future for our people, we must restore our culture.

In order to restore our culture, freedom of expression is paramount.

The XYZ aims to become a key player in Australia for the promotion of free speech and Western culture, opposition to the Cultural Marxist agenda, and the preservation of Western civilisation. In particular, we aim to be a primary source in Australia for those opposed to the left-wing narrative to turn, to be exposed to ideas and knowledge which, regardless of their own views, expands their knowledge.

Who does The XYZ intend to reach?

It is important to understand that those of us in the West opposed to the Cultural Marxist agenda come from different backgrounds and hold different views. If you are a genuine progressive who feels that the left has left you, The XYZ is for you. If you are a conservative who feels that conservative parties have failed to uphold conservative values, The XYZ is for you. If you lean toward or align with the Alt Right, The XYZ is for you.

There are boomers who have watched the Australia they once knew change irrevocably. Generation X-ers who experienced how an optimistic 80’s youth was transformed during a PC 90’s, into an Orwellian current year. And there are young white male Millennials who have known nothing but a world in which they are told repeatedly that they are evil, just for being who they are.

The XYZ is for you.

XYZ Radio:

In 2017, The XYZ has honed its craft in presenting regular podcasts. In effect, XYZ radio is up, and XYZ television is next.

New blood:

The XYZ is already a vehicle for others to promote videos, music, poetry, and the written word. More and more freelance writers and bloggers are coming to The XYZ to promote their material, and in turn The XYZ is becoming a node for writers and activists all over Australia. We are on the hunt for more contributors, whether you are a cultural libertarian, conservative, Alt Right, or just a regular person who wants to stand for goodness and common sense.

One last thing:

If you choose to donate via our Patreon, please do so with the understanding that from time to time, due to the diverse nature of views at The XYZ, we will most likely publish something which seriously offends you, but is published with the intention of destroying the regressive left.

Let’s fire up the helicopters.