Wally of the Week: Stan Grant almost as stupid as Channel 10

Channel 10 fake news photoshop fail.

The votes are in for the latest Wally of the Week, named after Everybody’s Favourite Muslim Apologist, Waleed Aly (TM) and it appears Channel 10 have scraped in by a whisker over Stan Grant. XYZ Viewers have deemed that it is dumber to spread fake news about fake news than it is to incite bigotry and hate against inanimate monuments.

Channel 10 of course managed last week to bring the nazi panic which has infected the US downunder, by photoshopping an anti-same sex marriage poster linked to a national socialist website into a photo of an overseas bus stop (did you get all that?) when they couldn’t find any actual evidence that the poster had been displayed in the first place. Admittedly, this does take more effort than writing nonsense about stuff. Any idiot can do that.

Some viewers may posit however, that given Channel 10 is an organisation employing thousands of people, who’s programs reach hundreds of people each week, it really is a remarkable effort for one partly-white person to get so close.

When contacted for comment, Stan Grant said he was disappointed, but would try harder next time. When asked what he was working on for his next project, he said he was workshopping a song with Waleed Aly about how terrorism is all white men’s fault. He said they haven’t rehearsed yet, because Wally keeps having car trouble, and then the other time he forgot to bring his amp, but he is looking forward to it, because his mum said he has a nice voice.

It’s your XYZ.

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