Thought for the Day: What terrorists really want

Mosque london photo
Photo by Jim Linwood

We are told every time there is an Islamic terrorist attack on a Western country or on Western people that we should not give in to hate, we should not blame Islam, because the terrorists want to divide us.

This is bulldust.

What the terrorists want is for us to ignore the fact that what they do is directly inspired by the core beliefs of Islam. The terrorists want us to deny our history, our culture, our race. The terrorists want us to let more Muslims and non-Western people into the West, they want European people to continue to reproduce below replacement levels, and for Islam to become the dominant religion in the West.

The way Islam plans to win is by demographic war. Outbursts of violence, whether terrorist attacks, occasional invasion, or outright genocide, are a psychological tactic to demoralise the West into giving up on the demographic war. The violent Muslims play the bad cop in a bad cop-good cop routine with “moderate Muslims”, whose role is to turn our outrage back on ourselves, and leverage the natural care for the other – which is inherent to Westerners – against ourselves, against our own interests. They claim Islam does not condone violence, when in fact violence is at the very origin of Islam, but the scared among us are only too eager to believe them. Thus, if Islam is not the problem, it must be us.  This is why “moderate Muslims” are in fact part of the problem.

The irony of all this is that we of the West, of Christendom, of Europa, are already divided. We are divided between those of us who understand whom our enemy is and are prepared name it – Islam – and to fight it; and those of us too cowardly to face it.

Photo by Jim Linwood

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.