Loathsome Protesters Expose Security Weaknesses in the Bush Capital



Bat 21

The lack of seriousness that is apparently taken in securing our Federal Parliament was punctuated this morning by a return visit from the same loathsome blue-haired Cultural Marxists responsible for the security breach yesterday.

The fact that protesters were able to not only breach security, but unfurl a banner from atop the parapet (no mean feat… particularly impressive for a group of unmotivated perennial students who will no doubt successfully avoid manual labour or anything else resembling work for the duration of their lives as they live off the government teat) is particularly troubling, and makes one wonder what an even more determined radicalised Islamist might be able to achieve under similar security measures.

Anywhere else in the world (Washington D.C., for example), the first ambiguous sign of such a dramatic security breach would be dealt with heavily and with extreme prejudice, but as someone embedded deep in the bowels of the public service in the Australian Cultural-Marxist Territory, I can attest that the insular lackadaisical attitude by most government departments toward real world problems like terror attacks (not to mention the fact that others don’t get sick days, holidays, flex days, or the ability to retire at 55) is astounding. Anyone can and does just waltz in anywhere unchecked for the most part.

The entire territory has a vibe more closely resembling an oversized hippy commune with bad architecture than anything that might actually dissuade militant protesters, or militant jihadists for that matter.

Will this most recent breach serve as a wake up call for Parliament security? If they are contractors, maybe. If they are on the public service coffer, they will receive council ever so delicately so as to not constitute harassment, and all will be swiftly forgotten until the next, more serious, security breach occurs.

Photo by jimbowen0306