Deefer: Misogyny


Here are the lyrics for Deefer’s little tune, Mysogyny:

Well, I was keepin’ to myself
Then I heard an accusation
From the left wing folk

I found disturbin’
Was a hard workin’ bloke
And a careful spender
they don’t like my type
Would prefer me transgender

Don’t really know what it means
But think they’re talkin’ bout me
Somethin’ ’bout bigotry

Well, my kids were born straight
But they want ’em to switch
Corrupt their education
a curriculum stitch
banging on about
taxing the rich
They make me feel bad
‘Coz I was fine with Ditch the Witch

I used to feel free
not the man they wa’me to be
so much hostility

I was gettin’ by blissfully
They say I fail dismally
But I doubt their ability

I think they’re talking bout me
I used to feel free
But now I don’t know where to pee

Not sure what I wanna be (a man)
Maybe an Aborigine
Get shown more sensitivity

If you like, you can sing along.

It’s your XYZ.