Quote of the Day: XYZ punters give as good as they get


imageThe day after yet another major terrorist attack in a major European city, we are witnessing the standard operating procedure by our political leaders and mainstream media – deflection, misdirection, this is nothing to do with the religion of peace, etc.

The exchange chosen for The XYZ Quote of the Day may at first seem odd. Surely there have been many, deep insights today into the cowardice of so many in facing up to the existential threat which islam and terror pose to Western civilisation.

But I cannot find a better example of the point I was making with the article “Breaking: ABC baffled by Belgium.” It recounted the long list of factors, interesting points and political backgrounding which a series of journalists and experts reeled off, all the while studiously avoiding the central point – Europe’s islamic population is, in general, not integrating; it is increasing to the point where it will soon be in the majority in a number of countries; it shows every sign of wanting to change the political system of Europe to reflect that coming reality; and that such episodes of terror are designed to bash the indigenous European population into submission.

It is an example of how people can attempt to appear intelligent by showing how much they know, only to avoid acknowledging the most obvious truth.

Thus I present you with the following exchange, improper spelling and all, between a reader of The XYZ, whom we will call “A” and another, “B” who was attempting to appear intelligent, on this thread and others, in the same manner as the ideologues over at the ABC. Good on “A” for calling “B” on it:

A) Well if there’s Moslems there’s terrorism. But these morons can’t see the truth when’s it’s exploding in their faces.

B) Like the morons who can’t spell there’s?

A) You must be one of these morons that believes if we cuddle these Moslems they will stop killing people.

A) also I can edit my miss spelling but you can’t do anything about being a delusional f—wit with your head shoved so far up your a—.

Smartest thing I have seen all day.

XYZ Quote of the Day.