Turnbull outrage: labels 15 year old’s actions ‘unhelpful’


4972Renowned socialist, Malcolm Turnbull, has engaged in some of the most strident dialogue to date with the Islamic community, referring to the actions of the 15 year old boy who committed an act of creative self-initiated asymmetrical divine social justice on a police worker in Sydney on Friday, as ‘unhelpful.’ The Prime Minister explained:

“Look, since 9/11, we have been unrelenting, unrelenting in cutting off violent extremisms at their source; namely, in suppressing the speech of ordinary Australians, sorry, suppressing the racism and bigotry of rednecks and bogans, who dare to question Islam. I know these are harsh words, harsh words indeed, but someone has to say them, and I’m not going to pussyfoot round the subject any longer – it is time that the Islamic community took responsibility for its role in provoking the sources of violent extremisms, and should find other forms of creative self-initiated asymmetrical divine social justice through which they can express themselves.

‘Unfortunately, the actions taken by the 15 year old on Friday will only stir up the racists redneck and the bigoted bogans all over again, and they will be encouraged to share their unwelcome opinions in all our designated safe spaces. Ideally, we would like to just be able to lock them all away, but unfortunately, unfortunately, we live in a democracy, so there is nothing we can do about it at the moment. Until we can, until such a time, the Islamic community in Australia is going to have to consider how its actions could possibly provoke racist outbursts against them.’

Naturally, this statement has caused outrage in the Australian Islamic community, which issued a response via a spokesperson:

‘These comments by the renowned socialist, Malcolm Turnbull, are completely out of line. When a woman is raped, we don’t ask how her actions may have contributed to her becoming a victim. Likewise, we shouldn’t question how creative self-initiated asymmetrical divine social justice causes outbursts of racism from bigoted bogans. Just remember who the victim is here.’

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister later clarified the renowned socialist’s statement, saying his comments had been ‘taken out of context,’ and that he begged the Australian Islamic community for mercy.