The World’s Most Dangerous Ideology


In the early 20th Century, the world’s most dangerous ideology was fascism, which saw the rise and threat of Nazism.

During the second-half of the 20th Century, it was communism which left around 100 million dead in its wake.

So now, in the early 21st Century, what is the world’s most dangerous ideology?
The answer to that question is ‘Islamism’, a radical and violent form of Islam. It is this ideology motivated the September 11 attacks, and around 25,000 other terrorist attacks that have be perpetrated throughout the world since 2001. Check out the short video below from Prager University for a summary on the threat of Islamism:

Like fascism and communism before it, Islamism is totalitarian in its nature, and is inherently expansionistic. Like the other ideologies before it, many Islamists are willing to kill others for the ’cause’.

At the end of the day, these three ideologies are antithetical to values and culture of the West. Like the generations that have gone before us, totalitarian ideologies must be unmasked for what they are. And all people of good will need to be united to resist, and ultimately overcome the tyranny of Islamism.