Parramatta Mosque leader attempts to kick cameraman


In the wake of Friday’s killing of Curtis Cheng, Parramatta mosque leader Neil El-Kadomi responds to the media by trying to kick a cameraman. From the video, we can see quite clearly how El-Kadomi is an exemplary role model and community leader.

All Australians can rest assured that not only the Muslim youth, but the whole Islamic congregation at Parramatta mosque are in good, upright, and capable hands.

Many Australians would be familiar with El-Kadomi from news reports over the last few days. Many of them show El-Kadomi adamant that fifteen year old Jabar Khalil Mohammad, who shot Cheng in back of the head at the NSW Police headquarters shootings, had acted completely alone. This seemed to be the main point that El-Kadomi was at pains to get across.  Since it is impossible to prove a negative, one wonders how El-Kadomi can be so assured that Mohammad actually did in fact act alone.

What is clear is that there is much more to this story than we are being told by the mainstream media, and more than our leaders are willing to admit.

Australia – it seems we are being taken for fools.