XYZ Viewer Poll: update and feedback


imageThe latest XYZ Viewer Poll is still going strong, polling over 900 votes so far. It asks the question “How will the sacking of Tony Abbott, and his replacement with Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister by the Liberal Party, affect your vote?”

The bulk of respondents so far have either indicated that they will not support the Liberal Party if it is led by Malcolm Turnbull, (57%) while a further 25% say they are prepared to be team players and vote for the Liberal Party, despite their displeasure.

These figures have provoked some interesting discussion amongst XYZ members, with opinion divided over whether this means that the bulk of XYZ viewers are not Coalition supporters, or whether it is just a reflection of the current deep division within the Liberal Party base, inflamed by events of the past week.

The XYZ has also been keen to respond to viewer feedback. Two extra responses have been added to the poll, as a direct result of advice from the public, which we greatly appreciate:

1) I will vote for a conservative/Liberal leaning party which more closely reflects my values, but give my first preference to the Liberal Party to ensure that Labor or the Greens do not win.

2) I admire many of Malcolm Turnbull’s qualities, but will still not vote for the LNP, as there are left wing alternatives which more closely match my principles.

The first addition acknowledges that there is a sensible alternative to expressing one’s displeasure with the sacking of Tony Abbott without hurting one’s nose to spite one’s face. The second alternative acknowledges that not all people on the left are full of hate and vengeance for anybody who does not align with their views.

The XYZ recognises that adding responses to the poll at a later date reduces the poll’s reliability, while becoming more inclusive of views. However, considering this is perhaps the closest The XYZ has come to conducting a “serious” poll, (see here) we hope you will all agree that it is a big improvement. It will also be interesting to conduct this poll again next year, when anger over Abbott’s sacking has perhaps subsided, (or increased,) and the reality of an election is closer at hand.

XYZ viewer, how do you interpret the results so far? Do you have any more suggested responses?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.