Our opposition to speech suppression


Paying tribute to the 80s rock band, the XYZ draws together and comprises a diverse and ‘motley crue’.

We are male and female, urban and rural, Western and non-Western, conservative and libertarian, religious and non-religious.

Manifestation NoCulture? - Bruxelles 13⁄12⁄2013Among our differing outlooks and opinions we share the sense that all is not right in our media and political culture. Freedoms are at risk of being eroded as speech that runs counter-narrative is suppressed in our present environment.

XYZ stands in opposition to this suppression of speech. We believe each of us should be able, and has the inalienable right to express our opinion without suppression or slander.

The culture of our media and our social and political life is suffering because we are frankly unable to discuss many of the important issues that we currently face.

Ultimately, XYZ stands against speech suppression and all forms of tyranny whether it is technocratic, religious, fascist or left wing. We will tackle suppression at its ideological heights through philosophical, theological, social and political arguments. We will engage with suppression through subjecting it to ridicule and satire. And will will tackle suppression, in gritty and incisive tabloid journalism.

XYZ, though diverse in opinion and outlook is united in this common cause. If you are engaging in any form of suppression, we probably already have you in our sights.

It’s the XYZ.