‘Cis-gendered’ male tires of campus microagressions


Someone who identifies as a ‘cis-gendered male’ has approached The XYZ, complaining that he has become a victim of ‘microagressions’ on an undisclosed university campus.

‘When walking through the university in the evening, I have noticed that women coming my way will appear to deliberately cross to the other side of the path. The other day when crossing the road opposite uni, I turned my head to check for traffic, and a woman who thought I was looking at her crossed her arms and put her head down.

image‘There are signs all over the campus warning against sexual harassment, and offering help to women suffering domestic violence. The signs all have pictures with women pressing out a hand as if to say “stop,” or of women with black eyes, crying. There are some places in the Student Union building where I am not even allowed to go.

‘It is starting to make me think, maybe I really am a monster? Perhaps I should embrace it. I find myself getting so angry, maybe this is what they are talking about. Should I try to be who I really am? After all, the university experience is all about ‘finding yourself.’ Or, if I am a monster, maybe the world would be better off without me?

‘I tried raising this with the University administration and the Student Union, but they said no-one else had complained, so I must be in the minority. But I thought the student union was supposed to look out for minorities? I don’t get it.’