UN tells EU it should have no choice – Choice belongs to “migrants.”


Well, this report says it all: Basically, the UN and the EU and the IS and the PC want to f-ck us all over.

No longer can nations control their borders. It is racist and xenophobic. We must be multicultural – whether we like it or not, or in the words of Hungary, whether we want to be at all.

And lord only knows what our multicultural others think, although I feel that their preference is we cede to them and not the other way, in which case multiculturalism is a one way street. As is the EU with its Machiavellian schemes to centralise power and erode nation states’ sovereignty. This means, for example, a nation’s right in regards to deciding if it want to take on Islamic migrants or not, and in which numbers. Or monetary policy, as Greece and the other PIGS lament..

The UN has basically teamed up with the media, the PC, the EU and arguably the IS, to create a paradigm in which all migrants are refugees (they are not), all of them are refugees because they are Syrian and fleeing IS (1 in 5 may actually be Syrian), and the West MUST do something (and that something is very specific within the PC-UN-EU-Media mindset), because there are compelling pictures delivered on demand appealing to our sense of guilt.

Meanwhile, the stories of the horrors we are heaping on our own culture are swept under the carpet, like a schoolgirl’s summer holiday FGM. Yes, what we MUST do is take them on, en masse, with no controls, because… And to question is verboten. It’s bigoted. It’s nothing to do with Islam. It’s off message. It’s what we want to discuss but must not.

Meanwhile, we see countries like Hungary stand up to this mindset and get slammed by all the right institutions. For Hungary this is the ultimate backhanded compliment. In a world where the beggars are told they can be choosers, where the righteous are decried as the wicked, where the man who should be the Labor leader is elected the Liberal leader of Australia, is it not a stamp of respect to question? Is it not to be expected that you will be shouted down for doing this? There is something appealing for those bold enough to swim against the tide. Intellectually and ethically it is the noble thing to do.

In Orwell’s and Huxley’s dystopian novels, the heroes are kindred spirits with today’s bigots, and with those who fight for Freedom of Speech, who struggle to shed light on the encroaching authoritarianism which stifles all those who oppose it. Go forth and think for yourself, trigger meaningful debate with those who have a mind for themselves, and keep the flames of liberty burning, even if only in your heart and mind as you are surrounded by the dying flames heralding the new dark age.

(Video: Footage of Peter Sutherland, the UN’s special representative for migration.)