Fatima Payman shows what Multiculturalism really means


Australia’s multicultural establishment is hyperventilating because a multicultural senator is voting multiculturally.

From news.com:

Rogue Labor senator Fatima Payman says she has been ‘exiled’ by the party after the Prime Minister suspended her indefinitely on Sunday and is considering her future.

But in a statement released after question time, she flagged she would she was prepared to again defy Anthony Albanese and vote if “a matter conscience arises”….

“I will use this time to reflect on my future a the best way to represent the people of Western Australia.”

Senator Payman was initially suspended from caucus for the rest of the sitting fortnight after she broke Labor rules to vote against the government and in favour of a Greens’ motion supporting the recognition of Palestine as a state.

Bur she was suspended from caucus indefinitely on Sunday after gave an interview were she said she would cross the floor again to support Palestine, despite warnings from the Prime Minister and other senior government leaders.

They appear so surprised that a Muslim Senator would take the side of….


Most Australians don’t care about any of this, yet since hostilities in the Middle East kicked off again last October, Australian politicians have been pandering to either faction instead of representing real Australians. Moreover, terrorists on both sides have targeted individuals, businesses, electoral offices and, more worryingly, Australian war memorials.

This is not, as has been suggested in some media, a “muddy” issue. Most Australians want all foreigners to go home and to leave us alone. We never asked for any of them to come here, as predicted they have brought their troubles with them, and they have the audacity to expect us to get involved.

Australians were told that multiculturalism meant foreigners bring interesting food and more or less just become Aussies. In reality it means they pretend their slop is actual food, they take over entire suburbs and then they vote along ethno-religious lines. This geographical concentration of powerful ethnic blocs has already had electoral consequences for the major parties in previous elections, and is set to kick up another gear.

From The Noticer:

A Muslim political group will attempt to unseat Labor MPs in electorates with large Islamic populations at the next election due to dissatisfaction with the Australian government’s positions on the war in Gaza.

The Muslim Vote told ABC News that it was established in order to “mobilise the Muslim community to vote as a bloc in the next federal election, predominantly on the issue of justice in Palestine”.

It has a list of seats it plans target on its website, which emphasises “justice for Palestine”.

“The next Federal election signals a shift. We will no longer accept being taken for granted. Australian Muslims are a powerful, united force of nearly 1 million acting in unison,” the website says.

“The Muslim Vote alone is capable of forcing the current government into minority government. In 2024, we are focused on federal seats where the Muslim vote can influence the outcome.”

A table of federal seats notes the Muslim population percentage, and the record of each sitting Labor MP on Israel and Palestine-related issues.

For Blaxland in western Sydney, which was 31.7% Muslim at the time of the 2021 Census, The Muslim Vote labels Labor MP Jason Clare’s position as “strong solidarity with Israel, mostly silent on Palestine, weak on Palestine, rejected ceasefire motion 16th Oct”.

Other electorates being targeted by the group include Watson, MacMahon, Parramatta and Macarthur, also in western Sydney, which are 25.1%, 13.8%, 10.5% and 9.8% Muslim respectively, and 24 other seats around the country.

The normie political response to this is “so what” because:

  • Australia has a first-past-the-post system.
  • Single-issue independents have come and gone because people vote on a range of issues.
  • It won’t affect the major parties, which remain the best way to achieve policy outcomes.

This is head in the sand retarded, for several reasons:

  • In multiracial societies, people vote according to race; not class or ideology.
  • Seats represent geographical areas, so concentrated ethno-religious blocs can elect their own representatives/political parties, and will maintain a stranglehold over those seats as long as they remain the dominant ethnic bloc in that seat.
  • As Australia becomes more brown and less White due to mass immigration, ethnic concentrations will grow larger.
  • The major parties will not be able to satisfy every competing ethnic rivalry and will thus become obsolete.

As predicted by The XYZ, in coming years and decades the old world parties will cease to exist as new parties which represent the four main ethno-religious blocs – Chinese, Indian, Arab-Muslim, and White/Anglo – come to the fore.

It is this last factor which scares Australia’s multicultural true believers the most about Payman crossing the floor, even more than undermining the Australian government’s support for the only country in the world allowed to be an ethnostate. Politicians such as Payman and Lidia Thorpe have set a powerful precedent.

If Anglo-Celtic Aussies start playing by everybody else’s rules and we vote accordingly, it’s all over.

You can find The XYZ on X and Gab.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.