Does Dutton Want Nukes?


If we get nuclear power, I’m going back to 1985 and staying there.


Peter Dutton has doubled down on the Coalition’s decision to push ahead with a nuclear power policy, saying it’s the only ‘credible pathway’ to net zero.

The Opposition Leader has unveiled a draft of his energy policy to take to the next election that proposes to replace existing coal-fired power generators with a mix of small and large scale nuclear reactors to use for net-zero power sources.

He also indicated where the nuclear reactors could be located.

“If there’s a retiring coal fired generator that’s already got an existing distribution network, the wires and poles are already there to distribute the energy across the network into homes and businesses, that’s really what we’re interested in,” Mr Dutton said.

Mr Dutton said nuclear reactors would provide a more reliable and cheaper source of clean energy.

This is a very sensible decision. Nuclear power is safe, clean and the cornerstone of electricity generation in practically every modern industrialised nation. Australia has the largest reserves of uranium in the world, and some of the best land for storing nuclear waste.

It’s a no-brainer and it should have been done decades ago.

Labor’s moratorium on nuclear power, in conjunction with the current environmental extremism pushing “renewable” energy and destroying coal and gas fired electricity generation, has cost Australia hundreds of billions of dollars due to high energy costs.

It’s intriguing that the Liberal Party is using the pretext of “net zero” to propose this sensible economic reform. I suspect most Liberal Party decision makers know that “climate change” is a hoax and that “net zero” is insanity but are too cowardly to say it. However, kudos for having the cunning to appropriate the language of climate extremists to derail their goal of de-industrialising Australia. (Or maybe they’re just true believers.)

I suspect the cunning goes further, as nuclear power generation provides multiple military benefits. Initially, lower energy costs would provide an enormous boost to Australia’s industrial and agricultural sectors, the cornerstone of any economy in a prolonged war.

Then there is the little matter of nuclear weapons. With nuclear reactors, Australia could rightly build its own nuclear arsenal. Defence thinkers are openly dubious about whether the United States could or would aid Australia should conflict break out with major powers. Given that the US government is currently playing chicken with both Russia and China, our submarine fleet is years away from modernisation and the Australian armed forces are struggling to recruit from a population it openly despises, a nuclear deterrent would be the ultimate insurance policy.

Again, it’s a no brainer and it should have been done decades ago. As an added bonus, we could use the nuclear tests to blow up all the stupid wind farms.

Here’s the catch – who will have the finger on the trigger?

Australian politics has gone full globohomo. Our foreign and domestic policy is basically:

  • normalise anal rape and genital mutilation for children
  • use mass replacement immigration to destroy White people

This is horrifying enough but it gets worse. Clownworld is unsustainable because “multiculturalism” is a pipe dream and mass replacement immigration impoverishes a population.

Australia sees record number of long-term arrivals in January – as tent cities spring up due to housing crisis

Both Labor and the Coalition are withering because besides their anti-human policies, they represent the old ideological and class divide that existed when Australia was a homogenous, Anglo nation. As Australia becomes multi-ethnic due to mass replacement immigration, the population will vote more and more along ethnic lines. Thus the mass replacement immigration policy adopted by both parties to avoid electoral suicide via recession will ultimately destroy them both.

In the coming decades new political parties will emerge to replace Labor and the Coalition to instead represent respectively the interests of Chinese, Indian, and Arab/Muslim residents, and a coalescence of native Anglos/Whites.

Once the Australian political system reflects its multi-ethnic reality, the outcome of every Australian election will have major geopolitical consequences across the whole of Asia. Domestic elections will give the ruling ethnic party the power to favour its own people regarding resource distribution, and would make Australia a vassal to either India or China should Whites fail to win.

The resultant domestic ethnic turmoil and the temptation for foreign powers to meddle would all but ensure conflict. Moreover if Australia has nukes, whichever ethnic group wins an election gets the nukes.

With or without nuclear weapons, mass replacement immigration constitutes a clear and present danger to Australia’s national security.

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