Third Terror Attack in Two Months in Australia


The third terror attack in Australia within two months was carried out last Friday in Sydney. A mock petrol bomb was attached to a car parked in its owner’s driveway, along with a handwritten threat:

A Sydney man has recalled the terrifying moment he found a device suspected to be a bomb attached to his vehicle after he erected a Palestinian flag outside his home.

Theo was taking his rabbits outside when he discovered an item attached to the bonnet of his ute at his Botany residence just before 2pm on Friday.

Theo did not want his surname disclosed for safety reasons.

The item was a jerry can with a small volume of petrol inside with a rag forced into the open lid. A lighter was also taped to the top and several bolts were taped to the side.

A note attached to the device read: “Enough! Take down flag! One chance!!!!”

Bomb Squad officers were called to the home and removed the device, which they deemed to be “safe”.

“I felt scared. I felt particularly scared for my partner,” Theo said.

“I worried that I’d done something wrong. I worried that somehow in speaking up and being in opposition of genocide, I had done something wrong.

“Someone’s come into our house at night. They’ve brought something they made to scare us. They want us to change what we’re doing.

“It’s also something which is clearly there to threaten me, to make me and my partner feel scared, feel terrified. This is terrorism.”

100%, this is terrorism. The device and the attached note were intended to terrorise the target and they did just that. It was a violent act, motivated by a political issue. It was politically motivated violence, ie terrorism.

This is the third blatant act of terrorism perpetrated in Australia in the last two months. On Christmas Eve the car of prominent pro-White advocate Tim Lutz was firebombed by Antifa terrorists.

In November a burger store in Caulfield owned by a pro-Arab activist was similarly firebombed following a series of threats. It is interesting to note the way one Lying Press outlet related this background, completely ignoring the Christmas Eve terror attack because White people don’t matter (apparently) while diminishing the November attack:

Pro-Palestinian protests in Sydney were marred by some antisemitic chanting in October, while the Islamophobia Register Australia reported Islamophobic incidents rose 13-fold in the immediate aftermath of the 7 October attacks.

A burger restaurant owned by a Palestinian-Australian in Melbourne’s Caulfield was set alight in November, though police stated they did not believe the incident was politically motivated.

Not politically motivated? Consider that the owner stated:

“Our staff were getting phone calls daily, saying, ‘You don’t belong here. We’re going to boycott you. We’re going to close you down, your shop’s going to go’.”

Then the restaurant just happened to get firebombed…..

Note how both sides of politics are coordinating their messaging regarding the latest terror attack:

Speaking on X — formerly Twitter — on Monday, acting home affairs minister Andrew Giles said all Australians had a “role to play in maintaining social cohesion, and in ensuring that conflict overseas doesn’t come here”.

“There is no place in Australia for antisemitism, Islamophobia or any form of hate speech,” he wrote.

“We must recognise that in our multicultural society, social cohesion is a vital national asset which can’t be neglected, much less undermined.”

Taking to the same platform, Coalition foreign affairs spokesman Simon Birmingham stressed Australian democracy required freedom of speech.

“Whether driven by disagreement, intolerance or Islamophobia this act has no place in our nation,” he wrote.

“Whatever anyone’s views about flying the Palestinian flag at this time, this is illegal and reprehensible behaviour to be condemned.”

The Murdoch press is echoing these concerns.

Australia’s elites are clutching their pearls over the damage done to multiculturalism by terror attacks caused by multiculturalism. If no foreigners originating from the Middle East resided in Australia, we would not be experiencing terror attacks from the Middle Eastern foreigners who have imported their conflicts here.

In recent years both of Australia’s major political parties directly intervened three times to prevent Australians reversing mass replacement immigration and multiculturalism. Pro-White activists who oppose mass replacement immigration and multiculturalism are the target of terror attacks, while the government passes legislation banning certain forms of pro-White activism.

Instead our rulers should be asking: Why are we even multicultural in the first place? Did Australians ever ask for multiculturalism and mass immigration?

The answer is a resounding no.

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