The Secret to saving your Marriage


In the live stream chat that I did with Tony from TVM the other night, a topic came up which while we were discussing it I managed to come to a conclusion that I had not grasped before. That topic was the family unit and its destruction over the last sixty years. The usual blame is heaped upon no-fault divorce laws, feminism, women working, and the emasculation of the role of the husband in marriage.

But I now realise that these are merely symptoms of the greater underlying problem, the real cause of the disaster in the family unit.

The root cause is contraception.

The point of marriage is to raise and protect children in a family nucleus. This is but one reason why the term “gay marriage” is such an abomination, and the effort put into legalising gay marriage was not so much to give the fudge packers any rights, but rather to further undermine and destroy the family unit. But I digress.

If the point of marriage is children, then any act within the marriage to prevent the conception of children serves to undermine the spiritual bonds of that marriage. Sex without the possibility of procreation due to its physical prevention is spiritual death. If a couple begin their marriage using contraception then every time they engage in sex they are deadening the bond that holds them together.

This is why the sex becomes stale and lifeless in so many marriages, because the sexual act committed in of itself is without life. There is a universe of difference between engaging in the sexual act with the possibility of procreation versus that which lacks this potential due to artificial constraints.

Since the sixties, our societies have openly frowned on couples having large families. They are accused of being selfish for bringing so many “useless eaters” into the world, while at the same time our governments flood our nations with unassimilable immigrants with the excuse that our birthrates are too low.

We are conditioned into not wanting to have large families by many means; consumerism, materialism, social guilt through environmentalism, the list goes on. But the ultimate effect is that a couple that limits the amount of children that they can bring into the world must necessarily do this by artificial means, and the knock on effect from this is the entry into the marriage of spiritual death. And then divorce which destroys all concerned, children included.

Men getting vasectomies is no different in this case from women being on the pill, with the effect on the marriage over time being the same. The fact that former manosphere writer Rollo heavily promotes vasectomies for men does him no credit.

The Catholic Church was entirely correct to oppose the use of the pill, but the timing was terrible as the Church itself was being undermined and destroyed from within by the machinations of Vatican II. I presume that this was no coincidence, and I suspect that the pill was available for some time before it was released but was held back until the Church was suitably impotent.

But if what I write here is true then that is good news for those of you in failing marriages. Get rid of the contraception. For then when you lie down together it will be for a God given purpose. The sexual act will once again have a physical and spiritual meaning. By bringing forth new life you will also create life in yourselves.

And every life that we bring into the world is another thorn in their eye. By saving yourselves you help to save others. Big families, people. The secret is really big families. Now, who will be the first to ten kids?