The neocon deep state’s war against humanity


From Historiologist, 12 March, 2023.

Last week US Air Force Gen. James Hecker, Head of NATO Allied Air Command and US Air Forces in Europe, confirmed that Ukraine now has deployed advanced precision JDAM bombs capable of hitting Russian targets more than 60km away.

Although the high-tech munitions will not alter the steady advance of the Russians into Ukraine, it provides the risk-taking regime in Kiev with the ability to strike further into Russian territory and escalate the conflict.

These days, it’s just another apocalyptic headline in the steady march to a global meltdown. There’s an unnerving sense that a global great-power conflict is now unstoppable. The unimaginable horror we were haunted by until the fall of the Soviet Union is back, but this time not as some vague threat on the horizon. It’s in our faces.

How could this happen? How could we, 30 years after the fall of the USSR, be in a situation more dangerous than the darkest days of the Cold War?

The controlled media will say it’s because Putin, who has been in charge of Russia for 20 years, suddenly decided to become Hitler. That’s the best they’ve got – a fairy tale for children which utterly insults our intelligence.

It’s nonsense. We’re headed to war in Europe against Russia and war in Asia against China because of the small group of zealots who have taken control of US foreign policy while President Brandon was dozing off and dreaming of small children.

He’s not in charge.

The neocons are in charge – a small group of ideological fanatics who pretend to be conservatives to get power but are actually obsessed with taking over the world by doing global regime change.

These deep state termites have now completely taken over the US State Department, the CIA, Congress and the White House. They are determined to use colour revolutions and military conquest to carry out regime changes in any country which opposes their Great Reset agenda.

Klaus Schwab is not in charge of the Great Reset. He’s selling it.

How many aircraft carrier battle groups does Klaus Schwab have? How many tanks? How many nukes?

Who backs him? Who funds him? Who created him?

The same people who fund the neocons – elite oligarchs in Europe and North America who believe the rest of humanity are subhumans which deserve to be culled, chipped and controlled. These people cooked up the New World Order long ago and have waited patiently for the time they could implement it.

The neocons, though, are at the forefront of the war agenda. If you want to know who they are, click on the button below.

Politicians aren’t in charge any more than Klaus is, although he’s a bit higher on the pecking order than ambitious backbenchers. Unscrupulous politicians are used by the money power to convince the gullible that, for example, a war against Iran would help liberate Persian women from scarf oppression.

Brave and stunning. I’m sure she’ll be first on the front when the shooting starts.

The neocons believe that they can use American power to ‘puppet’ every other government in the world and impose their twisted vision of liberal democracy on the planet. There is in reality nothing liberal nor democratic about the system they want to implement – a global control grid using Central Bank Digital Currencies and a social credit score system to subjugate humanity.

You don’t comply with the climate lockdowns? No protein credits for you this week. You make noise on social media and influence others? Your universal basic income allowance gets cut in half.

You protest in the streets? You get debanked. No bug meat burgers for you!

This is the goal of the oligarchs who control the West. Complete control. They know the financial system is about to collapse; the FDIC, which is tasked with overseeing the stability of America’s banking system, was leaked openly discussing that bank bail-ins are coming.

The oligarchs know they can’t let democracy function once pensions begin disappearing, inflation really takes off, interest rates skyrocket and the shortages become chronic. They have to have their Great Reset locked in place, and will likely use war powers to make that happen once World War 3 kicks off.

The Western deep state has become the enemy of all humanity, and the common struggle of all mankind is to resist their tyrannical goals. The neocons driving the war plans are largely the children and grandchildren of Central and Eastern European immigrants who brought their toxic ideological extremism to America and spread it throughout the American education system.

If you wish to understand how the neocons developed their ideology and rose to power, I’ve published a video outlining the origins and goals of the neocons on Rumble.

From Historiologist, 12 March, 2023.