Ben Roberts-Smith Defamation ruling used to ATTACK ANZAC DAY


Why would you smear an Australian Victoria Cross recipient as a proxy for dismantling Anzac Day when you’re about to fight a Woke World War?

From the Guardian:

A federal court defamation case finding that Ben Roberts-Smith is, on the balance of probabilities, a cold-blooded battlefield murderer has done more than leave Australia’s most decorated living soldier in reputational tatters. It has, perhaps irrevocably, tarnished the carefully curated, revered legend of Anzac and its spurious myth of the white-hatted, egalitarian, hard-but-fair battlefield conduct of the celebrated Aussie digger.

The problem with myths, of course, is that they stand to be demythologised by unsavoury fact. It gets in the way.

Myth, of course, also relies on belief. Often suspended. Belief is the bedrock of religious or other faiths. Faiths like Anzac.

Don’t you think it’s funny that a non-Christian non-Australian has led this particular charge in the Culture War?

For Anzac is nothing if not Australia’s secular religion, one cherished and celebrated as core to our national identity by generations of political leaders, sporting identities and cultural influencers – historians, journalists, film-makers, authors and visual artists.


Anzac Day has for all intents been replaced by the secular religion of equity which manifests itself through the worship of designated victim groups and outright degeneracy.

Normal Australians revere Anzac Day and our ancestors who fought as Anzacs because they they are our ancestors – Anglo Australians – and they fought and gave their lives for future generations. We honour their sacrifice by preserving what they fought for, a Christian, White and free Australia, and transmitting this to the next generation.

Many Aussies who are waking up to the truth of history question who we fought many of our wars for, and the atrocity propaganda programmed into us from the earliest days of our education, while maintaining a reverence for the Anzacs.

The extreme left attacks Anzac Day and Anzacs on behalf of the Regime because it represents the White Australia which both are determined to dismantle.

Did his his ancestors storm the beach at Gallipoli?

The Regime needs mass immigration to keep GDP growing so they can make it look like Australia has a strong economy so they can attract more migrants to keep GDP growing. It is a giant Ponzi and the moment it stops it will all fall apart.

White Australians directing collective political action to end the immigration Ponzi constitutes a direct, fundamental challenge to this system, thus we must be destroyed. Hence, Anzac Day, veterans, Australia Day, the National Anthem and Flag, Football coaches, the Constitution, everything must go. Every source of cultural pride must be inverted and turned against us.

We must be completely demoralised so that we do not simply fail to transmit our culture to the next generation, but our very DNA. The problem for the Regime is that it has too many spinning plates:

The finding against Roberts-Smith in his defamation case loss on Thursday lays bare, yet again, the flipside to the Anzac legend and brings into stark relief the perils of tying national celebration – and adulation – to the battlefield.

They are amplifying this anti-Anzac message while simultaneously trying to sell the army to White boys because they need us to give our lives for globohomo.

It’s not working. Let the “New Australians” fight for a stunning and brave Australia built on tolerance and diversity. We want none of it.

World War Woke is nearly upon us. The spiralling debt created by the system’s addiction to mass immigration, welfare and big government combined with a fanatical desire to spread the rainbow flag to every point on the globe is driving the captured West into a catastrophic nuclear war with literally the rest of the world.

The whole plan sounds so insane, you wonder if it is actually designed to fail.

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