Lisa Wilkinson gives fake apology to Jacinta Price: Won’t Escape 18C


After audio emerged of Lisa Wilkinson calling Jacinta Price “Nampinjumba” in a conversation with Brittany Higgins, her gambling addict boyfriend David Sharaz, and producer Angus Llewellyn both she and Channel 10 have issued hasty apologies.

However, Wilkinson’s apology rings hollow:

Lisa Wilkinson has personally apologised to Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, a day after Sharri Markson revealed explosive new recordings from The Project star’s meeting with Brittany Higgins.

“I sincerely apologise to Senator Price for any offence I may have caused. The conversation was private and not intended to appear as it has out of context and in the public arena,” Ms Wilkinson said.

“The tenor of our conversation was about the need for real, genuine change within the Liberal party, and that too many of their female pre-selections were in unwinnable positions.”

That’s not an apology.

The “context” of the conversation was that Wilkinson, Higgins, Sharaz and Llewellyn were displaying an arrogance typical of woke elites. They consider themselves to be the true champions of designated “minorities”, and any apparent kindness by conservatives towards a designated “minority” is just for show.

This is pure projection. While feigning adulation in the company of designated “minorities”, Cultural Marxists in privileged government and media positions consider themselves superior to absolutely everyone.

The transcript of the audio is dripping in this condescension:

Lisa Wilkinson: “(The Liberal Party) has preselected over twenty new and wonderfully diverse and strong female candidates like, and what’s her name, Nam… Nampinjumba? (sic). She’s an Indigenous woman.”
David Sharaz: “She clearly got in. Clearly it was a safe seat.”
Lisa Wilkinson: “That’s the thing, it was – as soon as I looked at it I thought, oh, you’re joking.”
David Sharaz: “They’ve been preselected in unwinnable seats.”
Lisa Wilkinson: “Yeah.”
Angus Llewellyn: “See, we know brown people.”
David Sharaz: “It’s like, I’m not racist, I have a black friend. It’s that argument.”
Angus Llewellyn: “I don’t have his number.”
Lisa Wilkinson: “And our cleaner’s black.”

“Racists” uniformly treat nonwhites as normal human beings in personal interactions, while “antiracists” go through this cringe dancing monkey routine where they feel like they have to make a big deal about how amazing the nonwhite is by virtue of their identity. If you don’t perform this cringe ritual there is an unspoken understanding that you are a “racist”, and the obnoxious behaviour of “antiracists” is excused due to moral superiority.

Or something.

Thus the same arrogance Wilkinson displays in the audio is present in her fake apology with her insistence that her comments have been taken “out of context”. Both her “reverse racism” and very real “racism” are completely in context.

Moreover, it is incredulous that just as the full extent of Higgins’ lies are being revealed…

  • Lehrmann did not touch her with a 30 foot pole.
  • Media and Labor Party figures colluded to create the impression that there was a case.
  • The invention of a narrative of sexual abuse in the Liberal Party while the very real rape accusations against a senior Labor figure are systematically ignored.

….that Wilkinson has the audacity to attempt to turn the issue back on the Liberal Party regarding its treatment of women.

Quite a few of the conspirators in this entire affair will lose their jobs, and both Higgins and Wilkinson could end up in jail for maliciously false rape accusations. This is a desperate attempt to escape justice.

But it doesn’t end there.

Pauline Hanson is currently facing the kangaroo court of the Australian Human Rights Commission for her colloquial response to Pakistani Senator Mehreen Faruqi, who complained that she had to give up her Pakistani citizenship to become a Senator in Australia.

We should not allow the left to wield this weapon of Institutional Anti-Whiteness exclusively. Hanson should in turn lodge a case with the AHRC against Faruqi, both for her double-standard whining, for her appalling comments regarding the Monarchy, and for taking her to the AHRC in the first place.

Using the AHRC as a tool of speech suppression is an offence, an insult, a humiliation and a blatant act of intimidation against Hanson and the Australians whom she purportedly represents. The unspoken threat is that if you question “diversity” in any way you will be punished.

Offering to take Faruqi to the airport is no ruder than calling Price “Nampinjumba”. Rather than whining that if a conservative figure had similarly mocked an aboriginal they would get 18C’d, Jacinta Price should 18C Lisa Wilkinson and Channel 10. An apology to SJW’s only emboldens them, we should be just as ruthless.

You don’t judge your enemy by their tactics. If they work, fight fire with fire.

From there, the Australian Human Rights Commission should be forced before its own court. It exists solely to prevent White Australians from advocating for our own interests. Thus its mere existence is an insult, an offence, a ritual humiliation and direct intimidation against Anglo Australians. We should use lawfare to bring down the entire infrastructure of Institutional Anti-Whiteness.

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