‘Blackout warfare’: The World War III threat more deadly than nukes


From Historiologist.

The destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine on Wednesday is another goose step in the march to World War III.

Both sides are saying the other did it, of course. Whenever that has happened in the conflict so far, the evidence has come out against NATO eventually. Despite what the TV is telling the normies, the US deep state is provoking this war against Russia. The neocons in charge of the Biden White House hate Russia and see this as their final opportunity to take down the bear.

But who knows? The fog of war is thick and Russia also has its deep state behind Putin egging him on to nuke Europe. In the final analysis, will it matter?

Unless we get regime change in Washington, then NATO is going to war with Russia. If we get regime change in Moscow and Putin is removed like NATO wants, then Russia is going to war with NATO.

It’s not pleasant to face, but the signs are everywhere. Nations are gearing up for another global conflict, including our own. NATO is indicating it will put troopson the ground in Ukraine.

If nothing changes soon, then we’re about to see everything change forever. If the Five Eyes nations go to war with Russia, then Australia goes to war with China. It’ll be 1942 redux but with hypersonic missiles.

For those of us who can remember the 1980s, it’s deja vu all over again. We became so accustomed to the idea of nuclear armageddon back then that we became nihilistic about it; ‘nuclear war is unthinkable because if it happens, we’ll all die instantly’. Nothing’s worth worrying about because the future is radioactive ash. That was the mood.

It’s not true, though. In fact, when this war arrives, there’s very little chance you’ll die in a nuclear blast or from nuclear fallout unless you live on a military base or very close to the centre of a major city.

If we want to see what the coming conflict might look like for Australians, we should look at what conflicts have been like in recent years. That’s usually the best indicator.

If people had paid attention to the Siege of Port Arthur in 1904 then they’d have known in 1914 that trench warfare was coming for their boys. They might have kept them home. The atrocities committed by the Japs in the early 30s in China were a harbinger of the atrocities Allied soldiers and nurses would face from them in the 40s.

We can see what this coming war might look like based on recent conflicts.

The most significant experience of civilians in conflicts over the past three decades has been the loss of critical infrastructure. When nations attack in the current century, the attack is accompanied by a takedown of the energy and water grids and a cutting-off of supplies such as fuel, medicines and food. This happened in Sarajevo in the 90s, in Iraq in 2003, Syria since 2014 and Ukraine since war in the Donbass broke out in the same year.

Those grid down events were caused either by cyberattacks or physical attacks on power plants and transformers. The four nations most likely to be fighting Five Eyes imperialism, however – Russia, China, North Korea and Iran – all have the capacity to deliver a much more widespread and deadly takedown of our critical infrastructure.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is a form of ‘blackout warfare’ which would much more effectively cripple Western nations and bring military operations to a standstill than strategic nuclear strikes. Congressional inquiries in the US in 2017 found that 9 out of every 10 Americans would be dead within a few months of an EMP attack.

A large-scale EMP attack on the continent of Australia would not just take down our power grid for months, or even years. It would render every electronic device in the country useless. Cars built since the early 80s would become bricks. Solar panels would become pieces of brown glass. Your phone would become a paperweight.

With the grid down, town water supplies would stop as the pumps which run them fail. Sewerage systems would stop running. The financial system would freeze. Fuel, food and other supplies would stop arriving as the trucks which brought them went idle. Fires would likely break out along power lines also. Modern life as we have known it would come to a standstill.

China in particular has focused on developing EMP technology, however North Korea also has the capability to launch such an attack. China even took down the power grid in Mumbai during border clashes with India in 2020.

At the beginning of the year, the deep state media created a frenzy among the normies over the ‘Chinese spy balloon’. As usual, no clear information was provided to the public. A moral panic was triggered, a vague sense of threat created and then the story disappeared like stray dogs behind a Chinese restaurant.

China doesn’t need balloons to spy on the USA. Whatever information could have been ‘transmitted back’, according to CNN, would have been redundant. China knows everything it needs to about how the Five Eyes nations operate. We gave their leaders degrees while showing them.

Far more concerning than data collection is that such balloons may represent a trial run for a super EMP attack on the United States. Greg Allison is a former rocket scientist who has worked as a systems engineer specialising in robotics on the International Space Station for Grumman.

According to Mr Allison, who has personally launched rockets from balloons at sea, the greatest threat from the undetectable Chinese balloons is from a super EMP payload. Such a device would be easy for a nation-state like China to deploy and the ability of the US to respond is pretty much non-existent. He outlines his case and pleads for hardening of national grids before it’s too late in the video below.

Given that Australia would be in the Chinese crosshairs too, this is much more of a threat than any of the woke nonsense coming out of Canberra these days. The numpties running this nation into the ground know that conflict is coming, and rather than noticing how warfare has changed these deep state dipsticks are buying up toys and stockpiling subs like 12-year-olds playing Axis and Allies.

Chinese military doctrine going back centuries favours indirect warfare and low-stakes attacks rather than toe-to-toe attrition. Russia and China have had a long time to prepare for a final stand-off against the West. Maybe the elites in the West have too, but have only prepared for their own survival in the deep bunkers and underground military bases built since the 60s.

Either way, we’re headed into a global conflict. It is likely not going to be Chinese mushroom clouds that finish you off, though. It could be your starving neighbour. It could be an untreated wound.

Maybe it’ll be a dam strike that floods the region you live in.

A national effort by governments to harden the power grid would be a prudent preparation at the societal level. Making plans for your family in case of the lights going out permanently would be prudent for individuals.

A World War II-era Victory Garden might also be a good idea. The future is the past all over again but this time the risk for us is far higher.