If Putin goes, World War III starts


The deep state media was hyperventilating at the news of a Wagner Group insurrection starting in Russia last week.

Both the ABC and the BBC fake news channels had ‘think tank experts’ on to give standard intelligence agency disinformation about what was behind the revolt of Evgeny Prigozhin against the bloodthirsty madman seeking world domination, Vladimir Putin.

Wagner went from terrorists to freedom fighters instantly according to this Israeli AI-generated news outlet.

Fortune is fickle, especially in Russia.

Of course, it was all because Russia is weak and is losing the war and Vlod “Churchill 2.0” Zelensky is crushing.

That’s all total bollocks, but that doesn’t matter. In the fact-free mental universe of the Australian normie, it was gripping and profound stuff. Heaps of big words. Lots of convincing moralisms.

The mind manipulators at both the fake left neoliberal outlets like the BBC and ABC and the fake right neoconservative outlets like Sky News and FOX News had to find a way to tell the public that the mad tyrant Putin was being overthrown by another wannabe mad tyrant, Prigozhin.

The lying media serve the neocon agenda, and since the 1990s the standard neocon method of rallying Western populations behind another imperial war has been to demonise the leader of the target nation. Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad… all became literally Hitler when it was necessary for democracy bombs to destroy apartment buildings, primary schools and electricity substations.

As with the other demonisation campaigns, there’s no real context or explanation provided. Just a wall of word salad meant to bamboozle the normies so they keep standing with Ukraine as we face down Armageddon.

In a time when we have the internet and access to foreign media, it is inexcusable how little the average Australian knows about why there’s a war in Ukraine. It’s a sobering indicator of just how utterly retarded our society has become thanks to Idiocracy culture.

Very few people know about the 2014 Maidan Coup orchestrated by US State Department neocons like Victoria Nuland, who is now running the deep state anti-Russian war effort. Still fewer know about the genocidal cleansing of ethnic Russians in the Donbass regions since 2014.

And it’s not just the lamestream media that’s to blame. None of the large populist platforms thinking Australians rely on for better information mention the Azov Battalion much, either, for example.

Perhaps Andrew Bolt, Rita Panahi and Ben Fordham could take a break from their LOOK AT THIS LOONIE LEFTIE! segments and begin educating Australians on why we’re headed into World War III?

Maybe they know that, if they did, they wouldn’t have those big, lucrative populist platforms for much longer.

Once nuclear war with Russia and China begins, the Australian people are going to have a reckoning with the media voices who failed to raise the alarm beforehand.

NATO expansion eastwards and the ethnic cleansing of Russians in the Donbass by US deep state puppet Zelensky are why this war is happening. The Russians, unlike us, have a long historical memory. They know that letting another great power get close to their Western border is unacceptably dangerous for them.

Sweden in 1708, France in 1812 and Germany in 1941 all invaded Russia from the west. Having NATO forces in Ukraine is as unacceptable to Russia as Soviet nukes in Cuba were for the US in 1962.

The West is the aggressor in this war. If being the initiator of a conflict makes you the bad guy (which we’re always told it does) then we’re the bad guys this time.

The reason World War III has not been started by the deep state neocons yet is the same reason they are giving for the war in the first place: Vladimir Putin.

The Russians held back when they invaded in February 2022. The Russian military could have crushed Ukraine far more swiftly if they had launched a full assault like the US has done during its ‘shock and awe’ operations.

Take down the critical infrastructure. Establish air supremacy. Obliterate the decision-making apparatus of the opponent and then occupy what you’ve blown up.

The Russians could have done that. Putin, instead, held back large sections of his available forces. The Russians used only a quarter of their available military strength in the 2022 invasion, with the most modern and well-trained forces not involved.

Putin authorised not a war but a special military operation, and that only after Zelensky had told the world in February 2022 that Ukraine was pursuing nuclear weapons and the US maintained the position that Ukraine would ultimately join NATO.

The American neocons have goaded the Russians with ever-greater provocations, especially as Ukraine has lost the war in the Donbass. Putin has refused to take the bait, while subordinates such as Dmitry Medvedev have threatened the West with nuclear annihilation.

The heavy lifting of the conflict has been borne by the men of the Wagner Group. Prigozhin’s brief revolt may turn out to have been a ruse; his seasoned fighters have now been distributed between the Russian and Belorussian military forces. The men fighting under Prigozhin would most certainly be frustrated that the Red Army hasn’t taken the gloves off and perhaps even nuked Kiev in a show of force to the Western imperialists.

There is deep anger among the Russian population at how the war in Ukraine has been handled. Putin hoped that an armistice and arrangement would be reached between Kiev and Moscow. Russia participated in several rounds of peace talks which seemed promising until former UK PM Boris Johnson scuttledthe idea of an armistice.

The Russians are a proud people. They have a glorious history of defending the motherland. Despite the casualty rates overwhelmingly favouring the Russian side during this war, it has been humiliating for the Russian people to see the Ukrainian regime weaponizing Banderite anti-Russian neo-Nazi ideology for so long on Russia’s borders.

Putin is not a coward, either. It is not weakness that has made Putin hold back. It would have been politically more expedient for him to hit Kiev much harder. The Telegram channels of his immediate subordinates reveal far more anti-NATO attitudes than Putin has ever made public.

There’s a deep state in Russia and a military-industrial complex too, and both are itching to take down the Yankee globalists and we ‘golden billion’ they rule over. Just like China with its memory of the ‘century of humiliation’, the Russians remember how rootless cosmopolitan Western oligarchs plundered their nation after the collapse of the Soviet Union while the Russian people suffered.

If Putin steps down or is taken out, the guy who takes over will be much less scrupulous about preserving European and American civilisation. With hostile forces on Russia’s Western border, a message of revenge will easily mobilise the Russian people.

At some point, the neocons will get their wish. They have a bloodlust and a thirst for global warfare which is as zealous as the mad mullahs in Teheran. The Russian political elite has been sufficiently provoked and the Russian people feel sufficiently attacked by American sanctions for conflict to be guaranteed.

Everyone is getting angrier and there is no will among the elites on either side for de-escalation. At some point, the gullible and gormless Australian normie is going to see a mushroom cloud on the TV.

Maybe then he’ll start to wonder why we’re involved in Ukraine. Or maybe not. Maybe he’ll just enlist and obey like he always has.

Originally published at Historiology.