AUSTRALIA UNDER TECHNO-FEUDALISM: This is how “You will own Nothing, and They’ll be Happy”


From Stephen Reason Substack.

Stephen Reason

“We have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path… We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.” – King Charles III (then Prince Charles), June 2020. 1

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.


  • FIRST PRONG: The Indigenous Voice to Parliament: Voice, Treaty, Truth
  • SECOND PRONG: A Sinister Solution to the RBA-induced Mortgage Crisis: Labor’s ‘Shared Equity Scheme’ (owning 40% of your home)?
  • THIRD PRONG: Mass Immigration: The Migrant-Inflation Cycle

The Geneva-based perpetrators of the “COVID-19 Pandemic” sought to catalyse global upheaval to establish their vision of a “New Normal.” A propagandised “viral threat” was the ideal catalyst: an invisible enemy that was everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. The ensuing pandemic hysteria enabled the furtherance of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, the weaponisation of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the signalling of an opportunity to implement the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” 2 announced by King Charles III in June, 2020. 3 All three organisations are truly One; all are parasitised by megalomaniacal Globalists that seek to govern all.

The lock-step approach of most international governments (including Australia) during the COVID-con revealed that they were all compromised, and utterly controlled, as they crushed their citizens in unremitting service to Geneva-inspired totalitarianism. The cracking and lashing of the biomedical-whip against the backs of the fearful, only accelerated the long-march of the masses to the digital gulag.

It was an all-out assault on humanity; and although the “virus front” has waned and receded, other fronts have been strategised, and the assault is still ongoing…

Our island continent of Australia, replete with abundant natural resources and urbanised infrastructure has been targetted for “resetting.”

Australians are undeniably in the crosshairs of Geneva’s the “Great Reset.” The objective is to reduce every man, woman and child to the status of a medieval serf; a mere landless slave; an expendable human resource — all to be integrated into a 5G digital control grid that will be managed by a supranational class of Technocratic Feudalists. They wish to impose a One World AI-governance upon humanity, while they lord over it all, comfortably ensconced, and forever impervious and protected in their towering ivory castles.

They expect you will own nothing; and perhaps, with a subdermal Huxley-Soma implant controlling your endorphin release — you will be happy.

Many will be happily dead.

Our prosperous Australian Nation, with its 25.6 million disarmed inhabitants, has enjoyed one of the highest standards of living amongst the developed nations with only 0.3 per cent of the world’s population. Such wealth enriches the middle class, elevates the working class, and ultimately empowers the people, fostering an intergenerational accumulation of assets, and a degree of ever-expanding financial freedom. Without homeland warfare destroying the infrastructure of suburbs and cities, or any catastrophic depopulation event — each generation generates more collective wealth. Thus, every subsequent generation has the potential to become freer from the economic shackles that limited and beset the previous.

We are The Lucky Country; or, rather, we were…

The rising middle class that concomitantly raises the working class, is anathema to the Apex Predator Class of oligarchical billionaires. Thus, the Transnational Corporatocracy (of which the Apex Predator Class are embedded) is attempting to take all this from the people by “resetting” modern reality into a new digital slavery. There will be no more middle class, and no more working class, but rather: a new uniform Slave Class across all continents under the dominion of a One World Government (NWO).

Financial freedom and privacy; investment portfolios; international travel and general freedom of movement; small business ventures; private cars and private land ownership; and wealth-preserving assets — are not conducive to enslavement, and top-down control. This is why they have schemed to “reset,” and to take all this from us. They intend on imposing a full-spectrum dominance upon all aspects of what it means to be human: mind, body and soul. You, and your family, are to be crushed into dehumanising submission.

The abolition of private land ownership features foremost in their anti-human agenda. The key distinction between the First World and the Third World is the self-determination that comes with private land ownership. In order to regress and “reset” the First World, private property needs to be taken from the people.

In 2016, Danish politician, Ida Auken, composed an essay for the WEF, titled: ‘‘Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” 4 Written for the immediate perusal and reflection of a largely unelected consortium of Global Elites, one phrase would become a mantra for them, and a curse upon all humanity: “You will own nothing, and be happy.”

No informed human would ever be a willing participant in such a soulless dystopia, so, the people need to be tricked, and corralled into this undesired paradigm shift.

What follows is an examination of how our captured Australian Government is currently implementing the UN Agenda 2030 (aka the “Great Reset”), and conspiring to abolish private land ownership and property titles. It is a three pronged-attack, and to parry such an assault, it is necessary to be aware of each calculated prong.

FIRST PRONG: The Indigenous Voice to Parliament: Voice, Treaty, Truth

Having written extensively on exposing the true intent of The Voice, it is apparent that it is a means to enable the foreign acquisition of our land, and resources. The Voice is a Globalist device, formulated in Geneva, and implemented by the UN. It is intended to facilitate the expropriation of our farms, and ultimately the forfeiture of all private land titles. All Australian land will be “repatriated,” and virtuously “returned” to the Indigenous. The prematurely signalled, “Pay the Rent” scheme, is intended to syphon additional tax from Australians, and incrementally take the land that Australians have owned, and have built upon. In effect, everything from the ground up will be stolen. It will be gradual, but it will commence with “paying rent” to landlords that are certainly not Indigenous Australians.

Presently, Australians at least have the sense that they do own their own land (even if this is not actually so on some technicality that has no immediate bearing on their perceived and lived reality). This private land can be inherited, developed and sold at a profit. If someone has the money, they can purchase the land that their money affords and take on a ‘private land title.’ What the UN is attempting to achieve (with a consortium of Transnational Globalists at the helm) is the legal means to prevent any future acquirement of private land, and to strip the private ownership of those lands currently held.

They are using the cover of “Indigenous Rights” (See UNDRIP) to achieve this end.

Land will be “given back” to the First Nations People as “reparation,” but, treacherously, such land cannot be owned by any single Indigenous person either — it is a form of Collectivism, where all will own everything, but truly nothing. This is currently the case for those Indigenous people who reside within areas that have been designated ‘Native Title.’ They cannot privately own a single plot of land to develop according to their own independent vision. Private ownership is denied. Now, with a Voice in parliament, our compromised government (compromised by foreign interests) will have a “token Aboriginal government” (equally compromised by foreign interests) to make decisions on behalf of “Aboriginal land” that does not benefit a single Indigenous person. It will only benefit the Transnational Corporatocracy (foreign interests) — it will truly be their land by cunning proxy.

What the UN has set up with ‘Native Title Act, 1993,’ ‘The Uluru Statement,’ ‘The Voice’ and the whole UNDRIP: ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth’ device is the means to take the private lands of everyday Australians and gift them to themselves behind an “Aboriginal façade.” The lands of Australia will be returned via the ratification of Treaty only after The Voice has been entered into the Constitution and has executive power to form a ‘Truth tribunal’ that will follow Treaty. The Truth tribunal will then act to carve-up all land designated by Native Title and transfer it to the “original owners” under Treaty, and as adjudicated by The Voice: the diabolical ruse is Voice, Treaty, Truth.

In the process, all Australians (Indigenous included) will lose private land title ownership of their land.

SECOND PRONG: A Sinister Solution to the RBA-induced Mortgage Crisis: Labor’s ‘Shared Equity Scheme’ (owning 40% of your home)

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is utilising incremental cash rate 5 increases to systematically erode the wealth, lifestyles, and general prosperity of Australians. 6 The RBA is entirely captured by Transnational Globalists. Presently (June, 2023), interest rates have been lifted twelve times in just over a year — effecting a catastrophic cash rate target of 4.10%. This is just the beginning. It is inevitable that the Reserve Bank will continue to increase the cash rate with the strategy of bringing millions to the precipice of mortgage default — desperate, and pleading not to be pushed over the edge.

It may be reasonably speculated that the tactic of incrementally increasing the cash rate to inflict ever more pressure on the borrower, is akin to a financial “lockdown” — psychologically priming, and eventually coercing the future acceptance of a pre-contrived solution.

Might such a solution have already been foreshadowed by the Albanese Government’s ‘Shared Equity Scheme,’ or ‘Help-To-Buy Scheme,’ 7 that was suspiciously proposed before the 2022 Federal Election (selection)?

What is the Labor Government’s Shared Equity Scheme? 8

The shared equity scheme proposed by the Labor Government is a new policy that helps more people buy their own homes. The policy, which is also known as the help-to-buy scheme, sees the Australian government partner with eligible home buyers and financially contribute to the purchase of their property. Essentially, this means the government will own a portion of your home.

Every year, the shared equity scheme will give 10,000 eligible home buyers the chance to purchase their own property. The policy will not only reduce the cost of buying a property by up to 40% but will also reduce the size of the required deposit amount and mortgage repayments as well. 9

Will such an generous offer be mercifully extended to all suffering mortgagees who are now faced with the prospect of losing their homes? Will the financially dazed-and-bamboozled accept the Devil’s offer, allowing the Federal Government (aka the Transnational Corporatocracy) to take on forty percent of their burden, to halve (temporarily) their tremendous repayments? Basically, should this come to pass, those who accept the offer will be returned to previous levels of mortgage repayments. However, with the “equity partnership,” they will now own just sixty percent of their home. Surely, times will improve, inflation will decrease, and employment will be guaranteed — and the temporary arrangement with the Government (Corporatocracy) will eventually be decoupled and paid off? Surely? And just as surely, not!

Labor’s government shared equity scheme operates under the individual equity model, which means that home buyers can eventually purchase more of their property back from the government and achieve full ownership.

Might desperate Australians beg for this after a period of protracted financial pain?

And once millions enter into such a duplicitous arrangement, will orchestrated societal upheaval continue to be inflicted, causing further inflation, continuous cash rate increases, erosion of small businesses and the middle class, mass unemployment, future “pandemic” lockdowns, Martial Law due to rolling-blackouts, and food shortages?

And then, the Federal Government’s original forty percent ownership will increase…

…Forty percent will become fifty percent…

…and then seventy percent, and then a total one-hundred percent takeover as the RBA coordinates with the Federal Government (on behalf of the Corporatocracy) to further wring the wealth and private properties from the people — where they will eventually owe nothing, but ultimately own nothing as well.

In this scenario, the land beneath will have been taken by the UN Voice deception, and then the bricks-and-mortar above.

THIRD PRONG: Mass Immigration: The Migrant-Inflation Cycle

Australia is set to experience the largest population surge in its history.

The Albanese Government has planned a mass influx of 650,000 migrants over the next two years, 10 comprised of international students, skilled migrants and those seeking asylum from humanitarian crises. This reckless rustling of such a human stampede will destabilise the economic welfare of our Nation. 11 This unprecedented population increase, especially at a time in which there is immense pressure on the housing market, and a shortage of rental properties, will ultimately increase rental stress.

Increased demand for rental properties will increase the average rent, which will inevitably increase inflation, which will increase the cash rate and interest rates. The Migrant-Inflation cycle will be perpetual, and unending. All of this will contribute to further rent increases, mortgage repayment difficulties (forcing more to submit to the Shared Equity Scheme?), and a spectrum of economic hardships that will burden every Australian.

Permanent immigrants integrated into Australia will be grateful for the opportunity to live and work abroad, and will not be invested in the ramifications of The Voice. They will concern themselves little with the overt machinations of the Federal Government, and will not be resolutely invested in preserving Australia as a democratic Nation. Perhaps, they will even vote willingly for policies that are designed to benefit further globalisation (as subjects, and beneficiaries, of globalisation themselves.)

However, with a looming war in the Asia-Pacific, and with the inevitable triggering of humanitarian crises upon many international fronts, Australia will be awash, and submerged in a turbulent deluge of immigrants. They will need to be housed. Thus, the foreseeable problem of where to find homes, and how to provide a roof, or rather a room, might have already been factored into the Shared Equity Scheme.

Here is a plausible hypothetical:

If the Government owns forty percent of your home, perhaps a room or two might be allocated to rehousing an unfortunate immigrant? Might a further mortgage offset be offered to those willing to provide a room for a refugee? Might it eventually become a condition of the ‘equity partnership’ entered into with the Federal Government, and thus, refusal is not an option? Indeed, the British Government offered financial incentives for British citizens to house Ukrainians, so such a proposition is certainly not far-fetched. However, in the instance of Australia, there might be no need to offer a financial incentive if the Government already has an inexorable stranglehold on your property? The Government might make this unilateral decision on your behalf, as it owns half.

Now, extrapolate it to the ultimate nightmare scenario: you cannot pay your portion of the equity partnership, and you completely forfeit your family home to those that need to be housed. Perhaps, you continue living in what was nominally your home, alongside refugees, paying rent to the government, and paying an additional land tax to the Indigenous Voice: a double tax to the Corporatocracy. You will own nothing, and you will not own anything ever again… and you are… happily owned?

The future is uncertain, but Truth will light the way

Our Nation, its underpinning democratic values, culture, and its very “way of life,” have been deemed redundant; and malevolent foreign agents are currently attempting to overhaul every aspect of what it means to be Australian.

A Transnational Corporatocracy, helmed in Geneva, Switzerland, believes it owns our lands, and it has made a corporate decision to raze the existing order, and to create society anew. Indeed, Geneva is a locus of self-enthroned tyrants with a tyrannical vision for the rest of the planet: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (a future of Transhumanism in which humans have been fused and integrated with all-pervasive technology). There is an ongoing global project to collapse all First World countries into a homogenised New World Order: the Third and the First World are projected to be as one, both deindustrialised, energy-impoverished, and equally enslaved. This is the “egalitarianism” and “progress” that the would-be Enslaver Class have envisioned for us.

Our Federal Government is entirely captured, and doing the bidding of this Transnational Corporatocracy. Our Prime Minister has been entrusted by his international handlers to ensnare Australians in a garotting-loop that he hopes to carrot-wave them through. The carrot is an appeal to misplaced virtue, whether it be the Indigenous Voice, helping home owners, or resettling and welcoming mass migration — then comes the stick!

The hysterical overreaction to a mild flu-like virus that facilitated the mass-injection of an intentional bioweapon — was the first phase initiated to dismantle the societal order. In the aftermath, nations accepted lock-step tyranny ‘for the greater good,’ and it is expected that the now dormant totalitarian infrastructure will eventually be reactivated, and installed permanently in the advent of a new contrived threat.

We are currently in the second phase: removing assets and private land ownership.

Our Australian Federal Government, in unison with all state premiers, are focused on the temporal marker of 2030. The year 2030 has been designated as an anchor-node for realising numerous interconnecting evils — UN Agenda 2030: the Great Reset.

The Voice is an undeniable Trojan deception, and an existential threat to Australia, and all Australians. The Shared Equity Scheme is surely going to be implemented on a grand scale, and will almost certainly be offered to save struggling mortgagees. The influx of mass-immigration is intended to be socially and financially destabilising to the country. The combined instability achieved by all such ruinous policies will facilitate a calculated chaos, and necessitate a solution of a ‘new regional order’ in alignment with an ongoing ‘new world ordering.’

Ordo ab Chao: out of chaos, comes order.

However, nothing is inevitable, and all can be upended and reversed, by sharing knowledge and amplifying general awareness. We have an opportunity for A Great Awakening. May we preserve order, despite their endless attempts to engulf all in a maelstrom of chaos.

The Truth is an unyielding blade, and long may we wield it!

From Stephen Reason Substack.