Lidia Thorpe to take Greens to AHRC for RACISM


The Greens are the most openly, virulently hateful anti-White political party in the country. This is just the most ironically beautiful blowback:

Lidia Thorpe will lodge a complaint to the Human Rights Commission about the racism she alleges she experienced while a member of the Greens.

The DjabWurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman and independent senator said her lawyer had advised her there were ‘enough grounds for a case’.

Senator Thorpe left the Greens party to represent the ‘Blak sovereign movement’ in February.

Speaking to ABC’s Insiders on Sunday, Senator Thorpe said she had ‘experienced racism all my life in every workplace, and the Greens were no different’.

She’s crazy, and I have no intention of getting in the way while my enemy destroys itself.

‘I want racism stamped out … It’s called institutional racism,’ she said.

‘It’s the foundation of these institutions that are racist, that allow racism to occur. I think we all need to look at ourselves within and eradicate that and make our workplaces safer.’

Earlier this week, Senator Thorpe accused her former colleague Sarah Hanson-Young of racism in a tense exchange during senate estimates.

She made the allegation while Senator Hanson-Young was grilling ABC’s Managing Director David Anderson and News Director Justin Stevens about the national broadcaster’s handling of Stan Grant’s exit from Q+A over racial abuse.

‘She needs to look at herself,’ Senator Thorpe was heard asking.

This accusation in particular could not be levelled at a more horribly deserving person. Sarah Hanson-Young previously successfully sued David Leyonhjelm after he quite reasonably suggested that if she considers men to be such horrible murdering rapists, she should stop committing sin with so many of them. You live by the lawfare, you die by the lawfare.

Lidia’s latest outburst can be viewed in the context of a Stalinist purge of some of the Regime’s most obnoxious talking heads from the Australia’s media landscape. Stan Grant last week rage quit and played the race card to avoid taking responsibility for his anti-White rhetoric before the coronation of King Charles III. Lisa Wilkinson, who has serially whipped up rape hysteria against men is also stepping back, as it becomes likely increasingly likely that the former accusers in the Bruce Lehrman rape trial will become the accused. Now even Kochie, who never knew a Current Thing he couldn’t support, is quitting.

This in turn can be viewed as a desperate attempt by the Australian Regime to provide life support for the heavily sinking “voice to parliament”. Public sentiment towards this latest Current Thing is plummeting despite full spectrum support from corporations, sporting codes, the Lying Press and the ruling Labor Party.

Thus purging the most extreme puppets from the media is an attempt to portray “the voice” as a centrist, sensible political policy, to placate the Australian people and assure us that it is absolutely the last humiliation that will ever be demanded of us.

It won’t work. The system enabled race baiters such as Lidia and Stan for years, so naturally they are reacting to their attempted purging with all of their entitlement on full display. It’s blowing back on the Regime so badly, they’re practically resorting to accusing the Russian government of referendum tampering.

Regarding the AHRC itself, it most infamously convicted Andrew Bolt for wrongthink, after he suggested that many aboriginal identity politics activists are not in fact aboriginal. This claim is now commonplace among other slightly aboriginal political activists and is aired regularly by the mainstream Lying Press.

The AHRC itself is an insult, an offence and a humiliation native White, Anglo Saxon and Celtic Australians. Its sole purpose is to intimidate us by making collective action on behalf of our own interests illegal. For this reason, the AHRC should be brought before its own court under the auspice of Section 18C, and abolished.

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