300,000 Fake Aborigines


The entire aboriginal industry could collapse under the weight of its own bullshit:

More Australians are falsely claiming to be Aboriginal to cash in on benefits, according to several prominent Indigenous figures and an amateur historian.

Amateur historian Roger Karge told Sky News there was a lot of ‘fakery’ with politicians and senior professors among the group pretending to be Aboriginal.

They don’t want to give historian Roger Karge too much credit. His is the editor of Dark Emu Exposed where he debunks many of the deliberate lies told about Australia’s history by antiwhite activists. The fact that even the tabloid Daily Mail considers him to be outside the establishment boosts his credentials.

Mr Karge said it appeared they were avoiding the three-step identification process enforced by the Commonwealth to confirm their heritage.

His comment adds to previous complaints made by the Aboriginal community who spoke up about the fake claims last year and labelled the posers as ‘box tickers’.

Many ‘box-tickers’ are motivated by the promise of indigenous-specific scholarships and monetary benefits, as well as reserved jobs with large salaries.

As XYZ News has reported, many “aboriginals” exposing box tickers are themselves box tickers.

Suzanne Ingram.
Victoria Grieve-Williams.

Essentially, antiwhite White people who got in early on the grift are concerned that too many others are getting in on the action.

‘The elites don’t seem to want to follow these rules that the working class Aboriginal people have to follow,’ Mr Karge told Sky News on Monday night.

His comment came as Sky News host Andrew Bolt questioned the heritage of a senior political figure who could not be named for legal reasons.

He said the ‘evidence is pretty clear’ and doubted the person in question had gone through the identification process.

The hint left by the Daily Mail is in the person Karge’s Dark Emu Exposed exposes.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

Bolt said as many as 300,000 people in the country had falsely self-identified as Aboriginal.

The staggering figure was first cited by University of Sydney post-graduate and Wiradjuri woman Suzanne Ingram in October 2022.

She said there were 812,728 people who self-identified as Aboriginal but ‘there has been data to suggest that [the population] should actually be about 300,000 less.’

Mr Bolt reiterated the point saying people were making the fake claims to access several benefits including grants, housing ‘privileges’ and cheaper medicine.

Three hundred thousand.

This is a huge number. It isn’t just a few hundred academics claiming to be aboriginal to benefit their career. This indicates mass recognition that being aboriginal in clownworld Australia confers privilege, and a willingness to exploit it.

The seething is hilarious:

‘I know of people here in Sydney who haven’t grown up Aboriginal and all of a sudden, their kids are identifying as Aboriginal,’ he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

‘They are attending the schools, getting the jobs and taking away opportunities from people who have grown up Aboriginal.’


‘Aboriginal people are actually very badly affected by this,’ she previously told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Universities and governments are employing so-called Aboriginal people without due diligence.

‘High-level positions, huge salaries, great opportunities through Indigenous Business Australia, all of that’s being gobbled up.

‘There’s no penalties, or checks and balances. These numbers are increasing.’


‘The benefits are to do with status, you have a certain status when you’re a recognised Aboriginal person,’ Dr Grieve-Williams said. ‘But the main benefit is material.

‘People get promoted very quickly. The interesting thing is box-tickers, or those committing identity fraud, seem to get the big jobs.

‘They’re promoted over other Aboriginal people. We joke and we say they’re better at being Aboriginal people than we are.’

It’s incredible. They’re being forced to admit what Pauline Hanson has claimed, and been vilified for, for decades – the system favours aboriginal people at the expense of White Australians. Simultaneously they admit that the antiwhite construct of “White Privilege” is a lie.

Here’s my favourite bit:

The people who are committing this identify fraud, they cry lateral violence. They say, ‘Are you questioning my Aboriginality? I’m getting traumatised by this’.’

One day I hope I can witness this in person.

As many as 300:000 and possibly many more Aussies have decided to turn the system’s weapons against itself. It is literally as easy as ticking a box:

Since the introduction of a Standard Indigenous Question in 1996 – ‘Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?’ – the Census count of indigenous Australians had increased by 83.9 per cent.

The most brilliant aspect of this is that there is no way the Regime can solve this problem. The only definitive solution would be DNA testing or provision of birth certificates, which they would never do because that would mean admitting that race is a real, biological thing. Any attempt to tighten up the criteria by forcing people to prove they are aboriginal by birth would automatically redpill millions of White people who have been conditioned not to see race, ie not to see their own race.

An awakening of White racial consciousness must be avoided at all costs. Thus the back door to claiming aboriginality must be left wide open for Whites to exploit.

So, who’s really getting this voice to parliament?

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