To Play is To Lose


Stephen Wells recently wrote a piece where he described the extreme vetting process he had to go through to join an Australian nationalist network. Accepted by the group, he then discovered that all of this clandestine activity was so that they could hang out together in the pub, play games like chess; a social club of like minded individuals. No plans for revolt, simply a desire to be among fellow travelers.

The group eventually broke up or he drifted away from it, but the experience taught him a valuable lesson about the world that we live in and our relationship to it when we are in opposition to the Pharisees and their mindless servants.

… we have been advocating separation from the system for a long time. We have advocated for building community amongst your own.

What has become clear to me after hearing of the misfortunes of my previous clandestine social group, is that secrecy is for the enemy, it’s not for us.

They are the creatures of darkness. We are the people of the light.

They are the ones to do midnight raids, arrest people for filming them, get promotion through Freemasonry or Jewish connections. Engaging in conspiracy and plots to rule the world.

We cannot win by playing their games. If you want to know how to win, read Paul’s epistles in the New Testament. Read how Jesus responds to His accusers in the Gospels. Nothing he said to His disciples differed from what He said in the Synagogues or to the masses in public. Be open, be truthful, be unashamed.

By playing the authorities’ game then you buy into that very game. To play is to lose. The advice to be open, truthful and unashamed lacks only the addition of the need to be meekly immovable.

As an example, I can examine how I survived two years of extreme social and governmental pressure to stick the poison vaxx into my arm. I was open to everyone about my refusal to take the shot, even when living in Saudi Arabia. There was no pride associated with my decision, I did not boast about; I merely stated it as a fact, as a truth.

At times I met others who had resisted as had I and it was like discovering a long lost friend. The fact that they resisted the shot spoke volumes as to their mindset, their outlook on life, their trustworthiness.

Yet the majority, the very vast majority of the people that I love and care for, whose opinions I valued, failed the test. They give in for a multitude of reasons, all of which have turned out to be superficial and meaningless. All that counts in the end is whether you hold fast or not.

We must avoid collaborating with The System but we must also avoid fighting it. The correct stance is to step sideways and refuse to play their game. To trust in God, to have faith that He will provide for us, He will provide. Faith is everything and today we have so many opportunities to practice and grow that faith.

Leave this world to the Pharisees. Their ilk will still be here when all of us today are long gone. Know within you that all authorities are compromised and act accordingly. Do not attempt to cut off their ears if they come for you. Offer yourself up gladly and refuse to defend yourself against their false accusations. To play is to lose, not in this life but in the next. Everything that Jesus did was perfect so learn from His example. Let Him be your solace in the trials and tribulations that come your way.

We live in comfort and yet we have had the great good fortune to be shown what is behind the curtain. So we can still live well while growing our faith with the secure knowledge that we are on the right path. I have always been a contrarian, all my life I have questioned authority, but now I know. That is true power. I still have bad days, I still sin, I still behave in ways that cause me to examine myself. But I know now for certain that it is all worth it.

The truth will set you free.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.