Did people really vote for Dictator Dan?


I visited Daniels Andrews’ electorate of Mulgrave to ask people at the shops if they actually voted for him. Find out what happened in the video below:

You see I was suss about this recent state election. I thought maybe it was rigged.  Apparently Dan won by 60% first preference. What the?

Who the hell would vote for him?

He always seems to make the wrong decisions, he’s a terrible guy, tons of corruption scandals surround him, and he locked us down and went on a forced vaccine rampage. So as if he’d get elected, and re elected by such a large amount?

Photo: Daniel Andrews at the peak of the pandemic where he got to exercise his philosophy of controlling others for their own good to its maximum.

I just couldn’t believe that he’d be that popular, or the people of his electorate could be so terrible.

So I went there and found out some sad truths. After speaking to around 130 people at multiple shopping locations I discovered sadly that Dan is popular and that there are many sickos out there who actually voted for him. I no longer think the election was rigged. Many people looked me straight in the face and said they voted for Dan, I had to see it multiple times to believe it.

And of course this electorate is choc full of foreigners, no surprises there.  Foreigners tend to vote for the more left wing candidate. So it’s no wonder Dan got re elected when Victoria, and his electorate in particular, is like Calcutta.

I have come to understand that the powers that be rig elections via importing tons of lefty voting foreigners.

Also by others means like promoting candidates in the media they control. They only need to resort to vote counting tampering when those other measures don’t work. In this recent Victorian election I don’t think they had to resort to vote counting manipulation, there really are tons of disgusting leftists in Melbourne who voted him in. Sadly.


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