Analysis: Lessons From The January 6th Lie


From National Justice.

Joseph Jordan

They charged the subjects with murders they did not commit, all while the accusers did not hesitate to sweep their real crimes under the rug. Show trials were performed, including in televised form, presenting confessions extracted under torture as unimpeachable evidence.

On a gut level, many sense that the cynical litany they were taught as truth was nothing more than a catalyst to crush a class of people, but the engineers made sure to falsify or omit the truth so future generations could never question what occurred. They wanted to make an example so that they never again dream of fighting to be free.

But the masters could not hide what happened forever.

Over time, compelling evidence trickles out and the original story is damaged, if not refuted. Their response to being caught is not to apologize, examine their conscience, or question their legitimacy. On the contrary, they decide to brazen through these challenges, disparaging the hard evidence as falsehoods and the forgeries as sacrosanct. They deploy an army of agents to jealously and desperately defend the original narrative, and in turn, call for all good faith investigators to be censored and jailed as criminals!

“They” are the Jews. The “crime” is the Holocaust.

The methods and devices used to concoct and publicize the atrocity myth that the German National Socialists rounded up millions of Jews to kill them in homicide chambers will be familiar to anyone following recent revelations about the January 6th Capitol incident. It’s a reduced and modern iteration of the same liars lying about what, is in their minds, the same category of people: patriotic white citizens that need to be taught, through pain and fear, that they are not legitimate political actors.

Earlier this week Tucker Carlson showed the world surveillance footage previously withheld by the government of what actually transpired during the 2021 “terrorist attack” that supposedly dwarfed 9/11.

The video clips provide unassailable proof that Officer Brian Sicknick was not killed or injured by protesters. That, aside from a handful of instances of minor acts of vandalism, those who entered the Capitol were better behaved than the groups of Washington DC area middle schoolers invited in on tours. And most importantly of all, we learned that the infamous “Q Anon Shaman” was not a violent terrorist attacking law enforcement — a crime he is currently serving 41 months in prison for — but rather a wholesome and peaceful mentally disabled military veteran being casually directed around the premise by several Capitol police officers. The Shaman then prayed for what he believed were kind police officers after being led into the Senate chamber.

After years of being subjected to unflinching international defamation by the Judenpress, politicians, US intelligence services and their lackeys in the federal court system, we now know for a fact that the system’s gratuitous description of January 6th deserves a thorough revision.

Armed with this knowledge, we can now observe the reaction of the losers and demagogues refusing to concede anything. An ordinary and honest person, regardless of political persuasion, will watch this footage and feel that the developments of the past two years — such as Israeli operative Michael Chertoff’s Patriot Act turned on ordinary Americans — are a disturbing and embarrassing moment for our country, something that foreign leaders are even commenting on. But for prominent voices representing our Zionist junta, and those specifically instructed to lie on their behalf for money, the video tapes are the liars!

Few in politics have spread more blood libel about January 6th than Chuck Schumer. At a February 2021 tribute to Sicknick, Schumer openly accused Donald Trump’s supporters of killing the police officer, an unsubstantiated myth that was completely disproven by an autopsy nobody disputes two months later. This calumny was never retracted.  Schumer is also the source of several other whoppers, such as claiming to have witnessed “rioters” chasing him and yelling “Get that Jew!”, an allegation he has never proven or bothered to revisit.

The release of these tapes have only provoked murderous hysteria in Schumer. He is now going on the attack, ruthlessly characterizing Tucker Carlson for executing his journalistic duty to disclose truthful information in the public interest.

In one of the few pieces of coverage of Carlson’s segment, Jewish New York Times journalist Michael Grynbaum reiterated the government’s generic denial of what’s plainly visible in the tapes while failing to engage with their content. Grynbaum editorialized beneath a fig leaf of straight news reporting by quoting common strategic legal arguments by Fox News lawyers limiting liability in two civil cases — one which was dismissed and another ongoing — to try and personally discredit Carlson. The Times continues to publish Perez Hilton style gossip pieces about Tucker’s private disputes with Donald Trump, but little of substance explaining what it is we are all seeing in the materials relating to a topic they spent two years painstakingly examining .

Nikki McCann Ramirez, an NGO creature who made her name churning out tedious “Yikes!” type reaction pieces to every episode of Tucker Carlson’s show for George Soros’ Media Matters, was commissioned to author an exercise in circular reasoning for Israel-first neo-con nepotism baby Noah Schachtman’s Rolling Stone. She/Her presented the Jewish media’s dynamic silence and petty insults angled at Carlson as reason to dismiss the tapes, while wondering out of what I believe is sincere confusion from the career girl about why “pushback” from authority figures is not “dissuading” him from pulling on this thread.

At “Politifact,” a subsidiary of Jew Craig Newmark’s Poynter Institute (an Anti-Defamation League partner in information control), Madison Czopek, a self-appointed minister of truth, disputes Tucker Carlson’s findings.

The crux of her argument is that Jake Chansley, or Q Anon Shaman, signed a plea deal admitting guilt after Bureau of Prisons physicians declared his mental illness drastically worsened while trying to survive almost a year of solitary confinement in pre-trial detention. International experts around the world have condemned the US government’s overuse of solitary confinement as an act of torture. After learning that they were breaking him, federal prosecutors offered to transfer him out if he signed a false confession (“plea bargain”) to avoid trial.

Chansley’s lawyer, Albert Watkins, has stated that federal prosecutors, with the help of a Republican appointed judge named Royce Lamberth, violated legal and ethical norms by refusing to disclose the exculpatory evidence Carlson aired on his program.

The supposedly conservative National Review was in lockstep with Politifact. According to the Jew Noah Rothman, all of the truths that have come to light are irrelevant. Chansley and many of the other 1,000 or so people prosecuted for entering the Capitol have signed bogus plea bargains admitting guilt in exchange for a lesser sentence over taking their chance playing Russian roulette with five in the chamber at trial in the highly political DC federal court system.

Rothman, who has risen through institutional conservatism by blaming white “puritans” for the victory of wholly Jewish Frankfurt School ideology, has positioned himself as head of the opposition precisely to uphold the narrative on relevant subjects like this.  In January 6th related cases, the FBI and Department of Justice liberally bend the rules, sometimes using blatantly illegal tactics to rig trials against defendants. The judges in these cases, regardless of who appointed them or what their political affiliation might be, happily enable this prosecutorial misconduct.

We know the low confidence the functionaries executing this crackdown have in their “facts.” Yesterday, lawyers for Proud Boy Ethan Nordean filed a motion to impeach the testimony of his FBI case agent, Nicole Miller, who accidentally provided the defense with internal DoJ communications providing insight into the criminal crony mindset of the average fed.

In these private messages, Miller expresses panicking over a privileged conversation illegally recorded between Nordean and his lawyers over their discussion of taking the case to trial.  In order to reduce Nordean’s chance of clearing his name, she proceeded to doctor and destroy hundreds of pieces of evidence to save the case. Agent Miller is now pleading the fifth and saying she needs a lawyer after perjuring herself on the stand.

Instead of throwing the case out and calling for criminal charges against Miller, Trump-appointed judge Timothy Kelly decided to pause the trial three months into proceedings to actually consider the US attorney’s astonishing argument that the damning text messages are “classified” information and should not be admissible!

As Kelly takes his time accommodating the feds, Nordean, who got on the naughty list after winning a fight against a pack of Antifa aggressors in 2018, has now spent nearly two years in jail without being found guilty of any charges.

It’s quite fitting that Ken Burns, who recently came back into the spotlight with a piece of Holocaust fabulism that now extends blame to white Americans who back immigration restrictions for the supposed deaths of millions of European Jews, decided to show his grasp of elementary history metaphors by identifying a Fox News host letting the masses see Capitol security camera footage for themselves as “rewriting history at the most dangerous level,” just like when “the Nazis would build a Potemkin village.”

There were no homicidal gas chambers and the people who entered the Capitol were not trying to overthrow the government or kill congressmen. At the end of the day, no Jewish TV producer can fool all the people all the time.

When all is said and done, America’s leaders are aware that they have been discredited and their time is running out. Heightening the contradictions leaves them no choice but to continue abusing hard power in ways they never had to before. When historians look back on their stubborn cruelty, they will identify it as the shift that hastened their downfall.

From National Justice.