Queensland Police to recruit foreign mercenaries: Zachary Rolfe forced to flee Australia


Since Covid, nobody wants to be a police officer in Australia for some reason:

Queensland Police FUDGING THE NUMBERS: Mass Losses From Vaccine Mandate

Turns out, not many people want to be forced to inject poison so they can brutalise inncoent people for no reason. As usual though in clownworld, there is no problem that mass replacement immigration cannot fix:

Don’t you love the way they use the bimbo voice to inform us that you don’t even need to be an Australian citizen if you want to inject poison to brutalise innocent people for no reason?

Foreign nationals with sufficient policing experience will be eligible to apply to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) under a new labour agreement between the State and Federal Governments.

The QPS has approval for 500 new international recruits to join the service each year, for five years.

The agreement, the broadest of its kind among Australia’s policing jurisdictions, allows the QPS to recruit international police officers without the requirement to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

During the lockdowns there was a lot of speculation regarding whether Dictator Dan was using foreign troops in place of Victoria Police. Signing Melbourne over to the Strong Cities Network only intensified the criticism. Now Queensland Police is just openly admitting it.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the agreement was the biggest opportunity for internationally experienced officers to work in Queensland.

“The new labour agreement goes beyond what has been offered by any other police organisation in Australia, allowing experienced officers from any country the chance to work for the Queensland Police Service and bring their own unique experiences, knowledge and skills to our organisation,” Commissioner Carroll said.

Aside from the Commissioner forcing out good police officers who refused the poison jab, her deputy is the dob in a Covid denier lady who reckons that anybody who takes the Bible even halfway seriously is likely to suicide bomb abortion clinics or something. The pair are fast becoming the pin up harpies for the political appointees running Australia’s police forces.

Australia’s police forces are at a crisis point.

In particular, the explosion in violent crime since the lifting of the grog bans in the Northern Territory must be seen in the context of the jihad against Zachary Rolfe, who was acquitted of murder after he killed an aboriginal man – who had stabbed a fellow police officer in the neck with a pair of scissors – in self defence. His railroading sends a message to aboriginals that they are untouchable and they can do what they want.

Zachary Rolfe

Who would want to be a police officer under such conditions? It is no wonder he has had enough of this shithole:

The Northern Territory police officer cleared of murdering Kumanjayi Walker has left Australia only days after he says he was issued another disciplinary notice and informed by command that they planned to sack him from the force because of his mental health.

Zachary Rolfe said in a 2,500-word statement published on Facebook on Thursday night that he was a “good cop” who “loved the job”, but that he had been “painted” as racist and violent.

His father, Richard Rolfe, confirmed to Guardian Australia that Rolfe had left the country, but that he expected him to return in several months.

Walker was shot dead by Rolfe in the remote community of Yuendumu in 2019. The death is currently subject to an inquest and Rolfe has been pursuing legal action to avoid giving evidence.

Richard Rolfe said that earlier this month, as his son was preparing to return to work in the NT police force, he received a letter from an assistant commissioner informing him that his employment would be terminated because of his mental health.

This decision, combined with the recent sacking of senior police officer Mark Casey, who had supported Rolfe, and the force issuing Rolfe with another disciplinary notice for speaking with the Seven Network’s Spotlight program more than a year ago, had forced his son to leave, Richard Rolfe said.

“I’m very disappointed that he feels he needs to leave the country … but I respect that’s what he has to do,” Richard Rolfe said.

He described the recent “bitter” blows as “kicks in the guts” and said he feared the pressure could have ended in his son killing himself…

In his statement on the “I support Constable Zach Rolfe” Facebook page, Rolfe rails against the inquest, saying there was “blatant and obvious” bias involved in the investigation into Walker’s death.

He criticises the NT police commissioner, Jamie Chalker, and calls on him to resign.

Rolfe outlines experiences he had while policing that he says demonstrate who he really is, including allowing a man to stand on his own boots so his feet didn’t burn on hot bitumen, helping a suicidal 12-year-old boy and saving an “escaped criminal” who had become lost in the bush only minutes before his kidneys shut down.

He also says he turned from “protector to medic” immediately after shooting Walker three times and tried to reassure the dying man by referring to him as “my brother” while he worked to save his life.

“If all you know of me is through the media then you see me as a violent thug, an ex-soldier with a past,” Rolfe wrote.

“You don’t see me on duty finding children at 3am, in breach of their bail in the city; you don’t see me talking to them and asking why they’re there only to find out they haven’t had a proper meal in days.

“You don’t see me (instead of arresting them) taking them home past a 24-hour service station and buying them a meal, letting them choose some lollies as long as they choose something healthy as well.”

Good men are leaving the police force in droves and even literally fleeing the country, so the Regime announces plans to replace them with foreign mercenaries. Mass immigration, multiculturalism and Covid Tyranny showed ordinary Aussies that we are expendable to the globalists running our country, and police are no exception.

Gone are the days when an ordinary Aussie bloke would join the force to look out for his local Aussie neighbourhood. Australia is now a Liberal Tyranny where everybody has to watch what they say, where people get in trouble for not celebrating the latest antiwhite fad enthusiastically enough. We are watched by an unprecedented number of cameras, they can essentially read our thoughts through monitoring our digital footprint and political dissidents are jailed without trial.

The police are the enforcers of this Liberal Tyranny. Australia is no longer Australia and the police are no longer the police.

The Regime should consider some context. They are filling both the police and the army with foreign mercenaries.

Historically, that rarely ends well.

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