Government which spies on us triggered that China might be spying on them


The Australian government’s obsession with selling all of its public assets to China got so bad that it realised last year it would have to build a whole new friggin Port of Darwin. Turns out some genius thought Chinese security cameras in Parliament House would be a good way to cut costs, too:

Australia’s defence minister claims Chinese-made surveillance cameras and devices will be removed from sensitive Australian government buildings, with fears the equipment could send data back to Beijing.

‘We’re doing an assessment of all the technology for surveillance within the defence estate and where those particular cameras are found, they’ll be removed,’ Richard Marles told the ABC. 

‘It’s a significant thing that’s been brought to our attention and we’re going to fix it.’

Perhaps the Chinese have footage of that night nothing happened between Brittany Higgins and Bruce Lehrman and then she took her clothes off on her boss’s couch because she was so drunk?

An audit uncovered the shocking amount of devices made in China riddled throughout government buildings including equipment installed inside offices operated by Defence, Foreign Affairs and the Attorney-General’s Department.

The cameras and recording devices are manufactured by Chinese companies, Hikvision and Dahua, which are both partly-owned by the Chinese government.

It’s believed more than 900 cameras may be present inside government buildings.

So the government that forced us to “check in” everywhere so they could literally track our every move, restricted us from travelling more than 5 kms from our home, installed 1984 levels of surveillance cameras and established special command centres to manage the Big Sister system is upset that somebody else may be spying on them.

The government colludes with a foreign power to harass dissidents. We get facial recognition software used on us when we pop down to the shops for carrots and a packet of toilet paper.

Just don’t expect any sympathy, guys.

Surveillance equipment from Hikvision and Dahua was either banned or heavily restricted in the United States and United Kingdom last November.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese brushed off concerns over China’s response to the announcement and whether removing the equipment would further damage bi-lateral relations.

‘We act in accordance with Australia’s national interest,’ he said.

There is no such thing as the national interest. We used to have one, when Australia was a nation, ie full of Australians. Now we are an economic zone and nobody here, Aussie or foreigner, gives two hoots who runs the joint.

Who even cares if China invades? What are they going to do, fill our cities with Chinese people and make us wear masks?

We gave away our heavy industry to China, and now that our government looks like it might be going to war with them, our old car plants are making fungi or something. I’m not even making this up.

Anyway, the back door to our data we should really be worried about is the one the Israelis have put in everything.

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