The ‘Stolen Generation’ Explained


Originally published July 13, 2022.

Antiwhites like to simplify all issues into black and white. Black being good and white being bad. This way they can appeal to children, low intellects, career academics, or vagues too lazy or too busy to bother trying to understand the nuances of a situation. Slandering White people is intended to make White children and adults hate their race while making nonwhites of all kinds hostile towards them. When White children grow up hating their skin colour (White guilt) they will try to breed with nonwhites. This creates mixed race children which is exactly what the Antiwhite regime wants in order to destroy Western kind.

When Europeans came to Australia the aboriginal population was believed to be around 314 000. Many lived near the coast in plentiful areas mostly in Northern Australia. If we divide the population by the landmass of Australia 7.688 million km² we get a population density of 1 aboriginal per 24 km². The spread of smallpox reduced their population further. Some call the arrival of the First Fleet an invasion, settlement, genocide, colonisation or the welcoming of new cultures.

As Edward Dutton teaches us; women are attracted to high status men and men are attracted to young fertile women. In early Australia and especially in the bush there were very few White women. Men often lived and worked in the bush sometimes for years without travelling hundreds of miles to the city and rarely ever saw a White women.

Both White people and aboriginal people were very opposed to race mixing but in these harsh conditions it sometimes took place. Both societies often condemned these relationships. Often the man entered the relationship dishonorably but when a man was honorable and tried to take care of the child it was often too dangerous to live in a tribal situation. Sometimes the men had to take the women and children to other places to escape the family and tribe.

Australians were so opposed to the problems associated with race mixing, nonwhite immigration and exploitation of Islander and Chinese workers to the detriment of White families that we Federated Australia in 1901 to protect our people and enacted the White Australia Policy.

Many countries around the world to this day recognize a mixed race child to be the race of its mother. Japanese women can bring mixed race babies back to Japan but Japanese men can not. The baby belongs to its mother’s lineage. Jews are recognized through their mother’s lineage and can migrate to Israel. Mixed race Jews can not claim authentic Jewishness if it’s through their father’s lineage so they often suffer the psychological trauma of being rejected and spend their lives in Western countries seeking validation.

Other countries such as Australia recognized a mixed race child through the lineage of its father. The authorities believed that any child living in squalid conditions was better off removed from its mother and given to an adoption family to raise the child properly. Many thousands of White children were removed from their widowed mothers after the First and Second World War if they had difficulty providing for them. These White victims are often written out of history and ignored by today’s education system.

The authorities considered mixed race children living in squalid aboriginal tribes to be White children if their fathers were White so they came under the same laws as other Australian children. The authorities often removed these children and assigned them to foster parents. It is unclear how widespread this practice was because academics are bullied out of finding the true numbers.

Of course as in all cases when children are removed from their mothers it is debatable on each individual case as to whether the intervention was warranted. Often children grow up suffering long lasting psychological pain. Is it better for a child to live in an abusive or poverty stricken situation with its mother or grow up removed and mentally tortured by the disconnection from family? Even when children are removed to protect them from abuse and pedophiles they are sometimes targeted by pedophiles who deliberately find jobs in the child welfare sector.

Many of the children who were removed were sent to affluent families that gave them a good education. You will find that most aboriginal academics, lawyers, activists and politicians are disproportionately members or descendants of the ‘stolen generation’. Often these well educated people are fully immersed in White society, and as much as they yearn to return to the bush they can never free themselves of the comforts and safety of White society.

While it is in the interest of aboriginals to maintain their race and culture, the well educated decedents of the ‘stolen generation’ often have diametrically opposite interests and wish to ally with antiwhite groups, extract resources from the government and try to integrate more into White society that over time erases the aboriginal race and culture.

On the John Laws radio show an academic aboriginal rang in to complain about moves to make aboriginality biological so White people and other races could not claim government benefits by identifying as aboriginal. He made the argument that if a family tree or DNA test was used to determine aboriginality then his children or grand children would not be free to marry a White partner because the children might not qualify as aboriginal if they only consisted of a tiny percentage of aboriginal heritage.

Every year throughout Australia hundreds of aboriginal children are removed by the state to save them from abuse. Often the welfare workers are reluctant to intervene for fear of one day being labelled as perpetrators of the ‘stolen generation’ by antiwhites who continually seek to politicise the situation.

It is disheartening to write about the ‘stolen generation’ because of the trauma it brings to the surface of people of all races who have been victimised by the family, community or state, but when antiwhites use this complex issue to psychologically abuse our children into hating themselves for things they did not do, then it has to be addressed.

When patriotic Australians take our country back from this hateful antiwhite regime we will ensure that no aboriginal or White child is ever taught to hate themselves again. We will ensure that aboriginals will have their own communities and schools, where aboriginal teachers can teach their children to be strong and proud. We will also create communities where White people will have our own schools, where White teachers can teach our children to be strong and proud. The greatest crime of all will be the physical or psychological abuse of our children.

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