Quite A White Sight

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Awhile ago in our country Australia,
Our heroes were donned in Anglo regalia.
The national anthem was ‘God Save The Queen’
And our Parliament was far from being Green.

Unions actually stood for worker’s rights
And the government suppressed kanaka fights.
The penny preceded the advent
Of Harold Holt’s minted cent.

Whilst it was often said “Nobody owes you a living”,
Australians regularly took to giving.
Few and far between would need search
For a well attended thriving Church.

Going hunting with a gun
Was a timely source of fun.
And as the country had yet gone to the dogs,
Children freely played with golliwogs.

White Australia as you can tell
Was a mighty place to dwell.
A place where hard yakka and civility were the norm
And English speaking was mandated on the immigration form.

So on this Australia Day
Remember being White is more than “okay”.
For without the Anglo-Celtic soul
Australia would be a down right shithole.

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