Food For Thought – You’re Either With The Kosher Paedos Or The Treif Nazis

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

It took the Andrews Labor government a matter of hours to start moving to outlaw the Roman Salute in Victoria in a similar fashion to how they outlawed public displaying of the Swastika after twenty brave White men stared down hundreds of crazed communist rioting filth.

Why? Because the banner at the center of the protest “Destroy Paedo Freaks” hits the Labor Party hard, as every Australian politician convicted of child rape and child pornography has been either a Labor or Labor turned Independent politician.

With the Liberal party ripping itself a new asshole to prostrate itself before these same pro-tranny, pro-groomer, pro-paedophile, pro-communist and fundamentally pro-Jewish career agitators mobilized out of Trades Hall, it’s pretty clear what’s coming on the horizon.

As Thomas Sewell voiced loudly the other day before the crowd of unwashed Labor Party allied vermin “We Are The Revolutionaries”. Indeed we are!

With the Greens openly calling for NSN and EAM to be proscribed “terrorist groups” this only reinforces this fact.

We are also the default counter-culture to the Zionist system. Which means the youth look at the system freaks teaching them in classrooms about breast binding, penis tucking, gender pronouns, cross-dressing and such and they think to themselves “I want to rebel!”

Rebellion now is total war against the system! Hail Victory!

Food For Thought.

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