Food For Thought – A Referendum On Rhetorical “White Supremacy”

Don’t underestimate making the seemingly impossible possible.

In November last year I outlined in an article that the potential of Donald Trump being returned to the White House was ostensibly lining up to be a referendum on “White Supremacy” and “Antisemitism”. Before dismissing this argument I suggest either reading or re-reading said article to gain some conceptual understanding for the merits to this argument.

As someone who was an early Trump booster when he announced his candidacy in 2015, and someone who counter-signalled his candidacy in 2020, I’m not someone who is ignorant to the fact that Trump isn’t the “White Supremacist Nazi extremist anti-Semite” that the corporate mockingbird media cartels worked overtime to paint him as such.

Despite Trump failing to meet the expectations of many who voted for him in 2016 once governing, the fact still remains that the 2016 result boiled down to a candidate openly winning whilst being branded the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Ergo the MSM clearly dissipated public adverse reaction to being allied with the two-party candidate which was conflated with “White Supremacist Nazi extremist antisemitism”.

In 2020 the general consensus as to why Trump lost was because he’d neglected the White vote and as such enabled apathetic discourse to undermine his candidacy against Biden.

Fundamentally Biden’s explicit anti-White politics were able to steal the election not out of any broad-sweeping popularity but rather because the hyper-autism of pro-White dissidents became fixated on Trump’s implicit anti-White politics.

We put a higher premium on sending a market signal to Republicans by imploding them electorally for not having summarily thrown every anti-White in America out of a rotary winged aircraft.

If both parties are going to govern in a default Kosher certified way despite White market signals then use 2024 as an opportunity to use the vote to illustrate the FACT that “White Supremacy” is at the very least a popular election winning strategy. It is in essence a referendum on the “Nazi” candidate versus the “Woke” candidate superficially speaking.

Remember Jews contributed half of all donation to the Democrat party in the 2016 election cycle whilst only giving 25% of all donations to the Republicans.

‘Indigenous Australians Minister’ Linda Burney stated earlier last week that Trump style politics are synonymous with opposition to The Voice referendum in Australia. Ergo it’s pretty easy to make the argument to grug brained voters that Trump is at the very least not going to elevate people with an average IQ of 62, who’re 15 to 20 times more likely than their outgroups to commit violent crime in Australia, to positions of power with an open ended cut of GDP in perpetuity.

In a winner take all constitutional republic where minor third parties ostensibly only serve to undercut votes to the red and blue cartels, like Nader’s Green Party vote did with Al Gore in handballing the White House to a Bush headed republican presidency in 2000, what interest does it serve in muddying up the political swamp more than what it already is?

Food For Thought.

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