January 26th: We should call it Invasion Day


I know many of my readers will find this idea unpalatable – and I completely understand that – but maybe it’s time to admit that January 26th should be renamed Invasion Day after all.

I mean, let’s be honest, if it really was still Australia Day, then our leaders would be celebrating it with us.

They aren’t.

Whilst many of us are still having barbies and waving Aussie flags, whilst we still ponder what Australia means to us, and our forbears who died under those flags – our leaders have a different agenda.

You only have to turn on the idiot box for about 5 to 15 minutes (depending on which channel you are on) to realise that our elites hate Australia and they hate us.

They actually hate our guts.

Until recently, the nation of Australia was made up of mostly British stock. I’m talking 95%+. There were some aboriginal people and a sprinkling of others but the vast majority were (or were descended from) the people of the British Isles.

About 120 years ago, this British derived nation created the State, known as The Commonwealth, to rule and administer the mostly British Nation.

This nation of Australia, with its state apparatus, derived from the British Westminster System was a rip roaring success.

It was amongst the wealthiest nations in the world, but money isn’t everything of course.

Saudi Arabia is wealthy. So were Iran and Iraq – even Argentina. Yet none of those nations needed to build a wall to keep people out. No one wants to go there.

They all want to come here though, and why wouldn’t they.

The nation the British built here wasn’t perfect. Mistakes were made, bad deeds were done.

Dwell on those if you like, but if you want to be fair and honest, you need to compare this nation to the others of the world. Who was better?

Back in the day, the Arabs were up to their necks in slavery and colonialism. Europeans were in the process of stamping out human sacrifice in South America, scalping in North America, head hunting in New Guinea (not the executive type), and widow burning in India.

Whilst most of the world was either tribal or feudal (which word originates from the ancient word for “cattle”). Whilst other peoples were treated little better than animals by their overlords, Australians were creating the rule of law, free speech and representative democracy.

This amazing system means that everyone is treated with an equal degree of respect (at least in theory). Again, it isn’t perfect – but show me the better system. China? Lebanon? Afghanistan? Vietnam? Cambodia?

The Australian nation, for all its faults, is literal paradise compared to almost any non European nation in the world.

Of course we took control of this continent from the previous inhabitants and that isn’t a bed of roses but look at what they gained.

Firstly, the Aboriginal people gained protection. Had we not shown up, Australia would have been conquered shortly afterwards by someone else.

It may have been the French, the Indonesians or even the Chinese. Go and talk to some Algerians, West Papuans or Tibetans if you’re wondering how that might have worked out.

Imagine if the Mauris had discovered Australia first? They would likely have eaten the locals just as they did in New Zealand.

Then there were all the other things which are too numerous to mention but included things like cloth, matches, clean water, supermarkets, hospitals, the rule of law, roads, vehicles and all the other trappings of civilisation which few aboriginals today show any sign of wanting to do without.

So yes, you could say that the Australian continent was invaded, but that isn’t what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the invasion of the modern Australian nation. A British derived nation which has been under covert attack for much longer than most of us would imagine.

The players are probably mostly unknown, but a few of the early and more visible protagonists were men like Al Grassby, Lionel Murphy and Walter Lippman.

These were Non Anglos who we might think would be grateful to be part of the Anglo Australian nation, as many migrants and aboriginals were, and still are.

But not these men.

Grassby was of Spanish and Irish descent yet was still able to climb to the top of the tree, becoming Immigration Minister in 1972.

From this position he began introducing multiculturalism, an ideology constructed in opposition to white and Anglo interests wherever they may be.

He opened the immigration door to non whites and began the process of turning Anglo and European Australians into a hated minority in their own land.

Walter Lippman was a German Jew who was given asylum shortly before WW2. You might have expected some gratitude for that, but no.

Rising to become head of the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies, he managed to get himself on to numerous Government committees where he tirelessly and successfully worked to dismantle the wildly popular White Australia Policy.

He probably did more to break down Anglo Australia than any other person ever.

Then, there was Murphy. His parents were from Ireland but he was born and raised in Australia. He rose all the way to the position of Attorney General.

On the subject of Aboriginals, he was quoted as saying that “[t]he history of the Aboriginal people of Australia since European settlement is that they have been the subject of unprovoked aggression, conquest, pillage, rape, brutalisation, attempted genocide and systematic and unsystematic destruction of their culture…”

After being appointed to the High Court of Australia he entered his new chambers and staring at the volumes of British law reports on the shelves behind his desk, he said, “I want all of these to go”. He replaced them with decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States.

Hardly an Anglophile then.

Whilst Grassby and Murphy hated Anglo Australia, they didn’t seem to harbour such a resentment for organised crime.

Both men were implicated with illegal crime gangs, Grassby with the murder of a politician opposed to the drug business and Murphy with cartels bringing and exploiting sex workers from Asia.

These were amongst the earliest and highest profile of the new invaders, though there were many more.

These people took over our media, our bureaucracies, our legal system, our education system and now, pretty much our entire power structure is now controlled by people who hate us.

The only thing which is constraining them at all, is our Constitution.

So, what do you think they are now trying to dismantle?

Yep, you guessed it. They want to dismantle the Constitution to give Aboriginal people (who under their definition may not even be Aboriginal at all) a voice.

Of course, the Constitution of Australia gives all of us a voice. What these people want is a taxpayer funded MEGAPHONE!!! with which to berate and abuse what is left of the Anglo descended majority.

So I say, let’s be honest and call it invasion day. Let’s admit that our institutions have been captured by hostile elites who hate our guts and would be happy to see us all genocided.

After all, you can’t fix a problem if you won’t admit that it exists.

Happy Invasion Day everyone.

Originally published at the Richardson Post.