Toyah Is The Lola Of Australia


In October 2018 Toyah, 24, was accosted on a deserted beach North of Cairns and murdered. The suspect was a male Indian nurse who fled to India soon after. It has taken the police and authorities 4 years to complete the paper work to have the suspect extradited to Queensland for trial. Police have offered the largest ever reward of one million dollars to find the suspect.

It is important that the suspect gets a fair trial when he is caught but chances are he will flee to Pakistan. The authorities will take another 4 years to negotiate extradition from there. The circus could go on for a long time.

In France a young girl named Lola was recently butchered to death by a nonwhite immigrant. When will the Multicultural curse be broken?

A teenage girl asked me why an Indian man would want to kill a White woman in Australia. I explained that it is the responsibility of the Government who brought us Multiculturalism to explain to our young people how nonwhite immigrants view White people and how we can avoid being raped or killed by them.

When an Indian man sees a beautiful Aryan woman, he often feels an intense sense of jealousy and lust that is very difficult to explain. In India, high caste women are often raped and murdered by groups of lower caste men. Indian men often feel that no matter how hard they work and how rich they become they can never become an Aryan, so seeing poor White people who are naturally beautiful and naively graceful enrages them no end.

The best person who can explain how nonwhites view White people is Frank Raymond, an Indian man who lives in Canada. He has written books and dedicated his life to waking up White people to their planned genocide. Here is Frank Raymond on Red Ice Radio explaining the different ways White and nonwhites see the world.

In 2016 on a rocky point, Cairns residents erected a memorial to the victims of Multiculturalism, and regularly create beautiful balanced rock monuments in their honor.

The memorial was only up for a few weeks when it was desecrated by antiwhites who kicked over multiple balanced rock structures. Locals were heartbroken but continue to resurrect the rocks along the Captain Cook Highway. Toyah was allegedly murdered by Multiculturalism on Wangeiti Beach just 2 km from the Red Point monuments.

White people make up just 8% of the global population but every White majority country is being flooded by nonwhites and assimilated with Multicultural programs to erase White children forever. There will still be a billion Africans in Africa, a billion Indians in India, and 2 billion Asians in Asia. Multiculturalism only erases White people.

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