Covid Zombie Death Ship docks in Sydney: 800 cases on board


Panic is gripping Sydney this morning as the new unfolding Covid crisis goes from bad to worse. Basically, everybody going to die.

Why isn’t she wearing her mask?

A holiday cruise ship is set to arrive in Sydney with hundreds of COVID-19 passengers reported on-board.

9 News revealed on Friday night an estimated 800 passengers on the Majestic Princess cruise have tested positive to COVID-19.

Those passengers are set to arrive in Sydney’s Circular Quay on Saturday morning at 6am.

Health officials and crew members have reportedly been advised to wear full personal protective equipment.

XYZ News has gained exclusive footage from the brave team who went on board the Majestic Princess.

NSW Health confirmed the outbreak and said the risk level on the ship is now Tier 3, which indicates a “high level of infection”.

“Carnival, the cruise operator has advised NSW Health that all COVID-positive people are isolating and being cared for by the onboard medical team,” a NSW Health spokesperson said in a statement on Friday night.

“Carnival has advised NSW Health that passengers disembarking from the ship have undertaken a rapid antigen test in the 24 hours leading up to disembarkation.”

This week the NSW, Victorian and Queensland governments warned Covid could kill six million people in coming weeks as a fresh wave appears conveniently timed to arrive during Christmas, and just in time to allow Daniel Andrews to force Victorians to mail in their votes so he can rig the election.

XYZ News understands that the NSW government was left with no option but to destroy the Majestic Princess to prevent the spread of Covid to the whole of Sydney. A costly dawn attack was carried out this morning using outdated WW2 dive bombers.

Unfortunately, the zombies killed in the attack were blasted into the shark infested waters of Sydney Harbour. The sharks ate the zombies, so now Sydney Harbour is full of zombie sharks.

National Cabinet is currently meeting to decide how to deal with the zombie sharks infesting Sydney Harbour. It is expected they will just lock us all down again until the situation can be brought under control.

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