Parasite Makes Right


When buck Kangaroos contest for dominance over their biological continuation, the kangaroo species needs ‘might to make right’ and ‘the strongest and healthiest to win’.

When two men duel, the mediator declares before the contest, “May the best man win.” This is an appeal to God and the spirits of the men to win if you are the better man or lose if you are the lesser man. For our people to continue to biologically improve we require the best man to win. We don’t want the lucky man to win or the fluky man to win. We want the best man to win and pass on his genetics and legacy to the next generation.

When a lion and buffalo fight, it is a very different situation then a mating or honour contest within the same group; it’s war. Mating right contests within a population has nothing to do with land rights wars between populations.

During World War 2, German National Socialists are claimed to have said ‘might makes right’ and ‘may the strongest tribe win’. The US empire, British empire and Soviet empire used all their might to firebomb Germany into burnt rubble, death and famine to prove that ‘might does not make right’.

Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ dictates that at the end of the day the biological expression of life that no longer exists in unsuccessful and the biological expression of life that exists is successful no matter how it was achieved.

A parasite will commandeer its host with trickery or with a mind virus, while a cuckoo bird will kill the embryos of its host and lay its own eggs to fulfil its evolutionary survival strategy. Any underdog who believes that ‘might makes right’ or ‘may the strongest tribe win’ is unwittingly justifying the actions of its oppressor or parasite.

If you are being bullied by a bigger kid, would you say before a fight, “Might makes right”? or “may the strongest kid win”?

No! You are the underdog. Why are you justifying the behaviour of the bully, parasite or oppressor? Of course ‘survival of the fittest’ wins in the end but the only time one should evoke ‘Darwinism’ is if you are winning. A bully, a conquerer, parasite or a cuckoo bird uses ‘survival of the fittest’ to justify their conquest. They will get you to parrot that phrase, so you accept your defeat.

When you are an underdog, it is good however to evoke Natural Law. Every human race and religion understands Natural Law as the unchanging sense of conscience that every human holds summed up by the feeling of ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you’, and that it is wrong to murder but it is right to punish a murderer.

A parasite that commandeers the might of its host is never right! Every human knows that maggots must be punished for their crimes against humanity. Parasite doesn’t make right.

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