White girl plays sportsball: Media goes GAGA


Australian netball was embroiled in controversy this fortnight after mining magnate Gina Rinehart tore up a $15 million sponsorship deal rather than disavow comments about aborigines made by her father decades ago:

Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting has issued a blistering statement slamming “virtue signalling” by sports teams after sensationally tearing up its $15 million netball deal.

The mining giant announced on Saturday that it had decided to “regrettably withdraw” its proposed partnerships with Netball Australia and Netball WA, after revelations last weekend that Diamonds players had concerns about wearing a team uniform that included sponsorship branding from Ms Rinehart’s company.

Indigenous player Donnell Wallam, who is line to make her Diamonds debut in the upcoming series against England, was said to be uncomfortable wearing a uniform with the Hancock Prospecting logo, reportedly due to comments made by Ms Rinehart’s father Lang Hancock in the 1980s.

It led to meme magic.

The player at the centre of the controversy, Donnell Wallam, hadn’t even played a game.

She basically cost her team $15 million because she refused to wear a guernsey on political grounds. She debuted last night against England and won the match for Australia after coming on as a sub. It appears that she performed very well under pressure, so well played.

Naturally, the Lying Press have gone gaga.


There are several takeaways from this. Firstly, contrast the furore several months ago when Manly rugby players refused to wear a groomer jumper.

Manly Sea Eagles Refuse To Wear Groomer Jumper

They were forced to sit out the round and were subject to accusations of bigotry. The cognitive dissonance of this accusation, given the fact that the upstanding Manly players were all foreigners, led to one of the most hilarious paragraphs I have ever read in the Australian Lying Press:

Of the seven players who have stood down for Thursday night’s game, six of them are of Pasifika background, as is close to half the league. In many of those communities, religion is more than just a faith or an hour they spend at mass on a Sunday, it’s a binding force for culture and family to rally around in good times and bad, and it reaches back into their past to the point they cannot imagine their lives without it, and nor would they want to.

It’s not a double standard though, it’s a pattern. When sportsballers make a stand against a woke sponsor, the sportsballers are demonised. When a sponsor makes a stand against a woke sportsballer, the sponsor is demonised.

The political, media and corporate establishment is woke, ie beholden to jewish Cultural Marxist identity politics, and anybody big or small, black or White who opposes this agenda is demonised, silenced and financially assaulted.

Finally, let’s have a look at what Lang Hancock actually said all those years ago:

So he was talking about sterilising and breeding out the half castes. The thing is, the issue of white people identifying as aboriginal in response to political, social and economic incentives has become so common that the Lying Press is now devoting entire television shows to the issue.

Another fake abo box ticker accuses other fake abo box tickers of being fake abo box tickers

Less than a decade ago Andrew Bolt was convicted by Australia’s Stalinist AHRC for suggesting this occurred, yet in the current year white people with a tiny fraction of aboriginal blood are accusing other white people with a tiny fraction of aboriginal blood of being imposters, in order to protect the political, social and economic benefits they receive for identifying as aboriginal.

Meanwhile, pureblood aboriginals are a shrinking minority of a growing minority.

Thus the irony is that Donnell Wallam’s stance against an apparently genocidal statement by Lang Hancock belies the fact that woke politics is contributing to the genocide of aboriginal people, by quite literally breeding them out.

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